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Archive for December 20, 2009

Newsline: US envoy visits Zelaya at Brazilian embassy

US Ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens visited deposed President Manuel Zelaya as part of a bid to find a solution to the political crisis. Zelaya has been holed up at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, where he returned in September after a brief exile following his June 28 military-backed ouster. “Hugo Llorens came to the embassy and told Zelaya he would travel to the United States for Christmas. Steps to resolve the crisis will follow,” Zelaya advisor Rasel Tome said. Washington backed an agreement in the Honduran crisis that called for Zelaya to be reinstated before the November 29 vote. The pact was not honored, but US support for Zelaya has cooled, with the United States now insisting his reinstatement is an internal matter.



Newsline: Former US diplomat Killed With Television Remote Control

46-year-old Paul Harvey has received a three year jail sentence in the UK for manslaughter after he killed his wife with a television remote control. Harvey threw the remote, striking his wife on the head and triggering a brain haemorrhage. Both Harvey and his wife Gloria, formerly a US diplomat, had ingested cocaine and alcohol and were fighting over school fees at the time of the incident. Harvey expressed deep remorse at his wife’s death. Unbeknownst to either of them Gloria had a medical condition that made the artery that ruptured very weak. The court was told that the chances of the 16g remote causing a fatal injury were lottery odds.


Newsline: Lawyers protest fake embassy vehicle registration plates

The lawyers’ fraternity in Pakistan held nationwide protests against the notorious presence and activities of Blackwater in the country. The lawyers’ said that the Blackwater was a notorious organization, which has been quite active in Iraq and lambasted the fact that they were enjoying ‘diplomatic immunity’ simply by using fake vehicle registration plates of the US embassy. Raising slogans, they demanded immediate ouster of the notorious organization from the premises. On the occasion, they announced that if the notorious organization is failed to vacate the premises by 5th Jan, they would stage a strong protest in front of the Parliament House.