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Archive for July 2, 2010

Newsline: US embassy denies reports it has 11th spy fugitive

A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Cyprus has flatly denied local media reports that a fugitive spy suspect is in U.S. custody at the embassy compound. Christopher Metsos, an alleged paymaster for a Russian spy ring in the U.S., vanished on the Mediterranean island Wednesday after skipping bail, prompting a widespread manhunt by embarrassed Cypriot authorities. U.S. Embassy spokesman James Ellickson-Brown said Friday that U.S. authorities have no knowledge of the 54-year-old’s whereabouts and the search effort for Metsos is entirely in the hands of Cypriot authorities. He is one of 11 suspects arrested in the spy ring.



Newsline: Cops tell embassy victim killed with suitcase strings

In its email to the Belgian Embassy, to inform the officials there about the arrest of their countryman, the Amritsar police have said that 17-year-old Amritpal Kaur was strangled with suitcase strings by her stepfather Mehtab Singh. Mehtab, an NRI from Belgium, was arrested on Tuesday night, soon after an email from Amritpal’s boyfriend Lakhwinder Singh arrived from Belgium, telling cops about the murder. The victim was allegedly killed on the intervening night of June 25 and 26 and quietly cremated in the Shivpuri cremation grounds the next morning, sources said. The suspected honour killing of a middle-school student, who fell in love with a boy of a different caste has shocked everyone. The victim’s boyfriend, Lakwinder Singh, who apprehended murder and sent an email to the Amritsar police, said he met Amritpal on the net, when they were barely into their teens.