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Newsline: Nicaraguan diplomat found with throat slashed had human hair in his hands

The Central American diplomat found dead with his throat slashed in the Bronx had human hair in both hands, the city’s top cop said Friday. There were 10 hairs in his right hand and five in the left, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. The discovery suggests a fierce struggle between Nicaraguan Consul Cesar Mercado and another person, police sources told the Daily News. He was likely grappling with someone he knew, the sources said. The medical examiner’s office said preliminary findings were inconclusive. Investigator with the medical examiner’s office stopped short of ruling Mercado’s death a homicide, telling police they need more information before making an official determination. Mercado’s driver, who was about to take him to the UN General Assembly, found his body around 10:30 a.m. Thursday just inside the doorway of his apartment on the Grand Concourse near E. 180th St. Two knives were found inside the apartment. The victim’s throat was slashed and he also had knife wounds to his abdomen. The medical examiner found “hesitation wounds” on the victim’s neck – injuries that could potentially have been made by Mercado himself, Kelly said. Mercado was last seen alive Wednesday afternoon and a neighbor heard commotion in the victim’s apartment overnight.



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