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Newsline: US Ambassador to Luxembourg resigns

The American Ambassador to Luxembourg has handed in her notice, less than a year after taking up the job. Cynthia Stroum announced her departure in a press statement, citing a desire to return to family and business life in the States. Her office strongly denies suggestions that the Ambassador’s premature departure is linked to confidential material published on the Wikileaks website. But, the timing, just over a month after the controversial disclosures were made public, hints that there could be a link between the two events. In November a quarter of a million classified documents pertaining to the US government were leaked online. Of that number, 168 regard Luxembourg in some capacity, with one suggesting that a former Guantanamo detainee was sent to Luxembourg by the US to urge the Grand Duchy to rehome former detainees of the notorious prison camp. The leak was condemned by Mrs Stroum, who said at the time that she could not confirm whether or not the information was legitimate. Mrs Stroum is to be temporarily replaced by Career Foreign Services Officer Arnold Campbell, who is currently deputy chief at the Embassy. Mr Campbell, who has more than 25 years’ diplomatic experience, arrived in Luxembourg a few weeks ago to take up the post.




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