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Archive for January 24, 2011

Newsline: Ugandan diplomat held over drink-driving in US

The Third secretary at the Ugandan embassy in Washington has been suspended from driving in the US for causing an accident as a result drink-driving. According to a letter by the US Department of State to the Ugandan embassy in Washington, Ms Rosebel Kirungi was allegedly operating her vehicle while impaired by alcohol and was in involved in an accident. “The Department is suspending Ms Kirungi’s privilege to drive in the United States indefinitely, effective immediately,” the letter says. State minister for international relations, Mr Okello Oryem, said Ms Birungi should face the law. “We do not condone any illegal acts whether you are a diplomat or not. Let her face the penalty if it’s true that she committed the crime,” he said. The Deputy Director of US State department, Ms Justine Sincavage, said in the letter that Ms Kirungi committed the offence in the State of Virginia. “The Virginia State Police accused Ms Kirungi of driving while intoxicated and refusal of chemical test,” she said. “The department takes very seriously allegations of alcohol-related driving offences presented by the police, given the danger to the public safety,”




Consular affairs: China to open consulate in Montreal, expand business ties

The People’s Republic of China is to open a consulate in Montreal with a view to expanding commercial ties between China and Quebec. Zhang Junsai, China’s recently appointed ambassador to Canada, made the announcement in Montreal. The new office is expected to open before July, but no date has been set. More than 2,000 Quebec companies have business dealings with China, while about 600 of them export to the country on a regular basis. About 100 Quebec companies have already incorporated in China and estimates are that 30 to 50 companies have manufacturing operations there. Quebec-based Bombardier is among the highest profile Canadian companies operating in China.