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Newsline: Obama says embassy blast victims not forgotten

US President Barack Obama is assuring victims of the 1998USembassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania that his government has not forsaken them. In a statement issued on Monday, a day after the two countries commemorated the terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of more than 300 people; Obama said the US would not forget families of those killed. His statement does not mention any plans to compensate the families who have been waiting for support, 13 years after the tragedy. “Let it be known that we have never been paid any money by either the Kenya or US governments. We have been forgotten and neglected because no one thinks about us despite the promises we were given,” the chairman of the August 7th victims Ali Mwadama who led Sunday’s gathering said. Mr Mwadama was among hundreds of Kenyans who gathered at the Memorial Park on Sunday to lay wreaths at the plaque where names of some 219 people killed in theNairobibombing are inscribed. Powerful blasts targeting US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam went off on August 7, 1998, blowing up the buildings, in what authorities blamed on Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network which viciously targeted American installations. InKenya, at least 219 people were killed and more than 4000 others wounded when suicide bombers in a truck laden with explosives parked outside theUSembassy building on Haile Selassie Avenue and detonated a powerful bomb that brought building. A simultaneous explosion occurred at the US embassy in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania where 11 people were killed and 85 others wounded. Victims in both attacks have not been adequately compensated 13 years after the devastating tragedy.




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