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Newsline: Polish diplomat attacks Pakistani policeman

A Pakistani policeman assaulted by a Polish diplomat here watched in shock as his seniors served tea and snacks to his attacker in a bid to calm him down. The bizarre incident took place when the diplomat beat up a traffic policeman who had asked him for his car documents to issue him a ticket in a busy Islamabad district. Police sources said their colleague Mohammad Ishaq asked Gerzy Bogusz, deputy defence attache at the Polish embassy, not to park in a no-parking zone. His car had a local license number plate. The adamant diplomat refused and instead abused the policeman. He also came out of the car, held the policeman by his collar and went on to slap, kick and punch him. He also spat at the officer. But as angry onlookers came to the policeman’s rescue, the frightened foreigner took refuge in his car. The 50-year-old victim then radioed for help. At the police station, Bogusz proved his diplomatic identity. And then, senior officers ‘profusely apologized to him and served him refreshment while the diplomat went on cursing the police and journalists’.




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