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Newsline: Official bullied at Lesotho embassy in Ireland awarded €40,000

The former trade and tourism attache for the Embassy of Lesotho has been awarded more than €40,000 in compensation after claiming she was bullied into quitting her job. A tribunal found that Claire Corcoran was constructively dismissed after she told how she felt there was no option but to resign her €54,000-a-year post. Ms Corcoran, from Baldoyle in north Dublin, said she quit in June 2010 after she was “bullied” by the embassy’s counsellor and first secretary. Ms Corcoran told the tribunal that a year before she resigned, the then-ambassador Mannete Ramaili was under pressure from her government to find a job for the niece of Lesotho’s chief justice, who was living in Ireland. The tribunal ruled that Ms Corcoran acted reasonably by resigning. It awarded Ms Corcoran €40,495.26 in compensation as the most appropriate remedy under the Unfair Dismissals Act.


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