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Newsline: Liberian Embassy in Washington denies allegations of internal conflict

The wife of the Liberian Ambassador to the United States of America in Washington D.C., Mrs. Kabeh Sulunteh, and the embassy’s Minister Consular for Press and Public Affairs, Mr. Gabriel I. H. Williams, say they are shocked by running internet rumors that the ambassador has “started two nasty wars”. In an email purportedly written and addressed to The Analyst by a man calling himself, Patrick K. Flomo, “Son of Bong County”, the writer claimed that the Liberian Ambassador to the Washington D.C., Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, has become “Liberia’s ‘Embarrassment to the United States’.” The reason, he claimed, was that instead of representing Liberia honorably, Ambassador “Sulunteh has started two nasty wars – one with a junior staffer at the Embassy and another with his wife – that are speedily shaming him and the country he is supposed to be representing honorably”. But in separate statements, Mrs. Sulunteh and the minister consular described the rumors as “shameful and diabolical attempts to score cheap political points” and a “surprise”, in that order. The email writer supposed Mrs. Sulunteh to be in a fierce divorce battle with her husband and facing deportation proceedings, but in a statement she issued, she said not only that she does not know the writer but also that he did not contact her for comments. “This is to categorically state that I did not grant interview to any journalist or individual, nor am I involved in any state of war with my husband. Those who are hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet to spread such malicious information are falsely using my name to achieve their selfish motives and goals,” Mrs. Sulunteh said.



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