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Archive for July 7, 2013

Newsline: US top diplomat was on his yacht amid unrest in Egypt

A CBS News reporter tweeted Wednesday that Kerry was seen on his yacht, but the State Department responded, “Any report or tweet that he was on a boat is completely inaccurate.” Working hard? The State Department insisted Kerry was fully engaged in his work, despite photos showing him enjoying some down time. Secretary of State John Kerry is taking heat for unwinding at his exclusive retreat in Nantucket, Mass., amid the unrest in Egypt. The State Department was forced to admit Friday that the country’s lead diplomat did indeed spend time on his yacht Wednesday, after previously denying Kerry waded into the water the same day that the Egyptian president was ousted.


Newsline: Egypt embassy in Pakistan switches loyalty

The Egyptian Embassy in Pakistan has switched its loyalty to the new administration back in Egypt under new interim President Adali Mansuri. Egyptian Ambassador Dr Said Mohamed Elsaid Hindam is in constant contact with his capital and reporting it about the reaction emerging about the developments in Egypt. The embassy hasn’t received any fresh specific instructions about the future working but the ambassador and whole embassy is fully alert to deal with any situation. Ambassador Hindam, while talking to The News, here declined to offer any comment about the situation in Egypt. The ambassador’s some close relations are residing in the posh troubled area of Cairo city but he has no clue about their wellbeing. Meanwhile, diplomatic sources said Pakistan’s ambassador in Cairo Manzoor Ahmad Khan has been posting Islamabad about the developments. The embassy in Cairo is maintaining contact with Pakistanis living in Egypt. All the Pakistani nationals are safe and healthy. Egyptian ambassador in Pakistan Dr Said Hindam is also in touch with the Foreign Office here. The sources in the Foreign Office said Pakistan is closely watching and monitoring the situation in Egypt. The officials are upset about the developments in Egypt but officially no word has so far been given as ultimate reaction regarding the situation in that brotherly country.


Newsline: Philippine government urged to recall envoy to Saudi Arabia

A group of Filipino workers overseas demanded that the government recall Ambassador Ezzadin Tago and two other embassy officials in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for allegedly asking Saudi officials to arrest desperate Filipinos who were demanding repatriation. Aside from Tago, the Migrante sectoral party demanded the recall and dismissal of labor attache Adam Musa and welfare officer Abdullah Umpa. “We demand the Aquino administration their immediate recall and initiate swift dismissal proceeding against the 3 Saudi-based officials. MIGRANTE sectoral Party vice chairman John Leonard Monterona said the incident stemmed from a peaceful sit-in demonstration that 40 stranded OFWs held at the Philippine labor and welfare office in Riyadh on July 2. Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez told inquiring journalists that embassy officials did not seek police assistance and the OFWs were only arrested after Saudi police “noticed” their sit-in demonstration. On Saturday, Hernandez declined give further comment.