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Newsline: Former husband of Australia’s Ambassador to Spain accused of child sex abuse queries ‘holes in evidence’

Lawyers representing the husband of the former Ambassador to Spain have told a jury there are major holes in the evidence he sexually assaulted a young girl in Madrid. Vytas Kapociunas, 71, has been charged with three counts of sexual assault of a child under the age of 16, with each alleged act reported to have taken place on the same day in his home in Madrid, where he lived with his diplomat wife Jane Hardy. The alleged victim told her mother Kapociunas touched her inappropriately, kissing her on her groin — allegations Kapociunas has repeatedly denied. Kapociunas said he blew “raspberries” on her belly. He said he gave the girl piggy backs, but did not touch her inappropriately. A Commonwealth law means Kapociunas, an artist and sculptor, can go on trial in Australia for alleged child sexual offences committed overseas. In closing submissions, prosecutor Carolyn Davenport told the jury the young girl’s evidence had been measured and consistent. But defence barrister Bernard Collaery said it was the prosecution case that had glaring errors. He said his client was being charged with three offences, but prosecutors had only presented evidence for one such offence. Earlier Kapociunas’ barrister called a number of people to give evidence about his client’s character, including former ambassador to the United States Dennis Richardson.



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