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Newsline: Cuban Flag will Fly over Embassy and US State Department

On Monday, the flag of the Republic of Cuba will fly over its embassy in Washington and in the US State Deparment, seven months and three days after the historic announcement by presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro. The reopening of the Cuban Embassy will be a significant event, after 54 years of rupture in diplomatic relations, to again hoist the Cuban flag in the capital of the United States, as a result of an agreement between both counrtries, reaffirmed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Antillean nation. According to diplomatic sources, some 500 guests, among them officials, members of Congress, businesspeople, experts of the so-called think tanks, executives of non-goverrnment organizations have been invited to the opening ceremony. On the Cuban part, will attend a delegation of about 30 persons, headed by the Minister of Foreign Relations, Bruno Rodriguez, besides a wide representation of the Cuban society. Although the US Secretary of State, John Kerry will not attend the formal ceremony of reopening the Cuban embassy in Washington, he will later receive Rodriguez in the State Department and both will offer a press conference. It will be the first occasion in over half a century that a Foreign Minister of the Antillean nation is received in Washington. In equal manner, the Cuban flag will be hoisted in the vestibule of the State Department, previous to the ceremony at the until now Cuban Section of Interests in Washington, between those of Croatia and Cyprus in its alphabetical order, joining the rest orf the banners of over 150 countries with which the United States has diplomatic relations. The U.S. embassy in Havana will start operations also on Monday, although its operning will have a lower legvel than that of the Cuban mission, leaving the main ceremonies for Kerry’s visit to the Cuban capital, on a later date.



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