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Newsline: China MH370 families march to Malaysia embassy

Chinese relatives of passengers aboard missing flight MH370 on Friday marched to Malaysia’s embassy in Beijing, some demanding to be taken to Reunion island where suspected wreckage from the plane was found. Most of the aircraft’s passengers were Chinese, and around 30 of their relatives protested near the embassy, as dozens of police blocked off roads near the building. Earlier they gathered at an office in the hope of meeting Malaysian officials, although none arrived. Several demanded that Kuala Lumpur organise travel to the French Indian Ocean island, where a wing part that Malaysia’s prime minister said came from the plane was washed ashore. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said early Thursday that wing wreckage found on the French island was from the plane, though French investigators said only there was a “very high probability” it came from the Boeing 777. Malaysia said on Thursday that more objects — aircraft seat cushions and windows — had since been discovered on Reunion, but that any MH370 link “had to be verified by the French authorities”. The Malaysia Airlines flight, with 239 people — including 153 Chinese citizens — on board, vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March last year, and authorities said it went down in the southern Indian Ocean. Many Chinese relatives of MH370 passengers have consistently questioned official accounts and expressed beliefs that their loved ones are alive, perhaps being held at an unknown location, despite the mounting evidence of a fatal crash.



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