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Newsline: ‘Death to America’ to remain on walls of US Embassy in Tehran

The graffiti “Death to America” will remain on the walls of former US embassy here, Iran’s Basij Student Organisation announced on Tuesday, reported semi-official Fars news agency. “Basij Student Organisation announces this to the Iranian people that the slogan of Death to America will ever decorate the walls of this place (former US embassy),” an announcement by the public relations of the organisation said. The announcement came following the recent news that the graffiti “Death to America 2015” and “Death To America 1394 (Iranian calendar)” were painted over the walls of former embassy. Although five painted patches on the eastern blank wall of the former US embassy in Tehran confirms the erasure of graffiti posted by some radical anti-US elements, the eye-catching and bold slogans against the US still remain on the southern wall on Taleghani street. “Death to the US” at the entrance of the main gate of the former US embassy, which has turned now into a museum and a cultural complex, is dramatically noticeable by every passerby. The US broke off diplomatic relations with Iran on April 7, 1980, after a group of Iranian students seized the US embassy in Tehran and captured some 60 US diplomats in 1979, 52 of whom being in captivity for 444 days in the hostage crisis.



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