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Newsline: Tightened security at Chinese embassy in Bangkok

Thailand today mounted high security for the Chinese embassy in Bangkok following yesterday’s bomb attacks that killed at least seven people and injured more than 50 others in China’s Guangxi region. China marked its national day, the 66th anniversary of the country’s founding Thursday. The day also marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, where tensions remain high between Chinese authorities and the local Muslim population. Guangxi, an autonomous region bordering with Vietnam, has a large population of ethnic minority peoples and has been a major route for Uyghurs to illegally leave China. In Bangkok, security was tightened with police and soldiers erected security checkpoint to check passing vehicles on Ratchadapisek road last night. Plainclothes and Special Branch police were also deployed at the vicinity to watch out untoward incidents. All places which are related to the Chinese symbol were also kept under close watch, as well as tourist spots and commercial places where Chinese tourists frequented. Stepped up security will remain for the next several days to ensure no violence would happen. Yesterday afternoon more than a dozen parcel bombs exploded in southern China’s Guangxi region, killing at least seven people and injuring more than 50 others.



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