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Newsline: Iran appoints first female ambassador

Iran has appointed its first female ambassador since the 1979 Islamic revolution, breaking a 37-year-old taboo. Marziyeh Afkham, the foreign ministry spokeswoman was appointed as the Islamic Republic’s ambassador to Malaysia, Iran’s ISNA news agency reported Oct. 29. Afkham is expected to start her mission in Kuala Lumpur in the coming weeks. Iran’s 53-year-old diplomat was appointed as the foreign ministry’s spokeswoman in August 2013, which was also the first time ever in the Islamic Republic. Afkham will be the second female ambassador Iran has had so far. Under the ruling of Iran’s last shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Mehrangiz Dolatshahi, became an ambassador to Denmark in 1976, a post she held until the Islamic revolution. Last month, President Hassan Rouhani’s administration broke another taboo appointing the Islamic Republic’s first Sunni Muslim envoy. Saleh Adibi who belongs to Kurdish ethnic and Sunni religious minority was appointed as Iran’s ambassador to Vietnam and Cambodia.



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  socialinform wrote @

That is very good news. We have to change our view of Iranian women anyway, they do not stay back. they are active in all kinds of disciplines and there are some very interesting personalities. Check these posts for surprising stories and photo galleries on Iranian women:

I hope you enjoy the posts.

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