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Newsline: Iranians mark anniversary of US Embassy takeover

Iranians mark the 36th anniversary of the US Embassy takeover in Tehran on Nov. 4. It is the first commemoration since the July nuclear deal was announced between Iran and the world powers. Some Iranian officials and media — concerned that the two years of negotiating directly with US officials may soften the “Death to America” chant heard in the government-funded rallies — used Nov. 3 speeches to remind Iranians why the embassy was taken over and how America’s historical role in Iran has been counter to national movements toward independence. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke to college students Nov. 3, saying Iran’s fight against “arrogance” — which is a term used primarily for the United States but also applies to other world powers — is based on experience. As a message to others within the administration and other moderate political figures who advocate for better relations with the United States, Khamenei said, “Some should understand that friendship and relations with the United States will not end American hostilities and conspiracies.” Khamenei justified the US Embassy takeover because Iranians believed that it was serving as a “den of spies and the center of plots against the Iranian nation and the new Islamic revolution.” Fifty-two Americans were held hostage for 444 days, ending a quarter-century-strong bond between the Iranian and US governments.



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  socialinform wrote @

If you compare the hostage taking with what is happening these days in other parts of the world, it does not seem as insuperable hurdle for peace making. The hostages were not put in orange jumpsuits, were not beaten or tortured, they were basically put under house arrest. Shortly after the embassy takeover, the students released women and African American personnel, citing solidarity with “oppressed minorities.” Another hostage, Richard Queen, was released in 1980 due to health problems.
70% of the Iranians are under 40 years. So most of the people living in Iran were not even five years old when the embassy takeover happened. I don’t care about the governments but the people deserve peace and shouldn’t be barred from reestablishing friendship.

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