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Newsline: Libyan ambassador accuses Britain over leaks about former UN envoy

Libya’s permanent ambassador to the UN Ibrahim Al-Dabbashi has accused the British intelligence services of leaking a lengthy email to the Guardian newspaper which was sent by former UN envoy Bernardino León to UAE Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayid. “The fact is that the email as a whole proves that León was very well aware of the complexities of the Libyan situation and that he was committed to the UN rules and able to resist pressures from the super-powers.” However, added Al-Dabbashi, this confirmed suspicions in the minds of Libyans about the intentions of both Britain and America, especially with regard to their lack of seriousness about fighting terrorism. “The leak also reveals their desire for the chaos to continue until their own citizens who are of Libyan origin seize the opportunity to rule Libya or the mini states that will be created once Libya is divided.” “The Guardian newspaper is very close to British intelligence,” explained Al-Dabbashi. “Leon’s email could only have been leaked by MI6 [Britain’s external security agency]. The objective is not to undermine León but to send a message to his successor, Martin Kobler, and take the dialogue back to square one.” Last week, the UN Secretary General appointed German diplomat Martin Kobler as his new envoy to Libya to replace Bernardino León.



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