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Newsline: Former Malaysian diplomat in New Zealand blames stress

Former Malaysian Embassy staffer Muhammad Rizalman claims he was stressed at work because of corrupt seniors and says a culture of blaming underlings led to negative assessments of him. The latest revelations are contained in an expert report into Rizalman’s mental fitness, released by the courts today. Rizalman, 39, last week admitted indecently assaulting Wellington woman Tania Billingsley at her flat in May 2014, but he disputes aspects of the Crown case against him. He saw Ms Billingsley, then 21, in Brooklyn and, he said, believed she’d given him a look that gave permission to follow her. He says he wanted to talk about his problems. A sensational disputed facts hearing on Friday heard Rizalman admitted smoking cannabis, buying legal highs and believing in black magic. The Crown questioned him about that, asking if he defecated outside Ms Billingsley’s house because he was trying to cast a love spell on her. Rizalman maintains he suffered from diarrhoea and entered Ms Billingsley’s house to clean himself up, but the Crown says the motive was sexual and he had tried to make moves on other women in the days before too. Rizalman did not admit smoking the legal highs he bought and said at the time of his offending he was suffering from stress because of pressures at work.



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