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Newsline: UK missions warns UAE Brits against ‘anti-social’ Christmas behaviour

UK missions take to social media to advise revellers in festive way. We may be more used to hearing about Rudolph the reindeer’s shiny red nose, but this year the British embassies in the UAE have put their own little twist on the age-old classic Christmas song. In a bid to curb anti-social behaviour during the festive period and increase awareness of the UAE’s laws and customs among the British expatriate community, the embassies have taken to Facebook and Twitter to launch a campaign aptly named after the well-known song: “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. But instead of Rudolph it’s Rupert, and instead of a shiny red nose, it’s a sun-burnt one, according to the modern revamp. Launched on December 15, the embassies’ official social networking pages began posting a different kind of festive message, with alcohol licences, drinking in public, and advice on appropriate dress codes taking a front seat. With the UAE home to more than 120,000 British nationals, and visited by around a further million every year, the UK Ambassador to the UAE, Philip Parham, said the messages are simply a polite warning. “I am pleased to say that only a very, very small percentage of them need to seek the help of our Consular team. We want everyone to have a trouble-free festive period, so we take the opportunity of this season to raise awareness of UAE laws and customs in a fun way, and at the same time to wish the British community here a Merry Christmas.”



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