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Newsline: Israel’s Deputy FM Reprimands Ambassador to Finland for Insubordination

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely reprimanded an Israeli diplomat for insubordination. Hotovely sent a strongly worded telegram to Dan Ashbel, Israel’s ambassador to Finland, calling him to task for what she viewed as his inappropriate reaction to a Foreign Ministry directive she issued recently. According to the directive — initiated by Hotovely — every Israeli embassy in the world would receive approximately 100 of the 4,000 dolls confiscated on December 8 by Haifa Port customs officials. These embassies would then use the dolls to demonstrate the education of Palestinian youth to engage in terrorism against Israelis. This message came on the heels of Ashbel’s objection to the Foreign Ministry directive, which he openly expressed in a telegram to fellow diplomats. Ashbel, a veteran diplomat with many years in Israel’s foreign service, then urged his fellow ambassadors not to make use of the dolls. The dolls in question are keffiyeh-clad children with rocks in their hands and bearing the messages “Jerusalem is ours” and “Jerusalem, we are coming” in Arabic.



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