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Newsline: US Embassy regrets Indian students’ deportation

The US Embassy stated that it strongly supports “educational study and exchange programmes for Indian and US students, as these programs have been a hallmark of our bilateral relationship for decades” in the backdrop of some Indian students being deported from that country. The Embassy, said in a statement, which is aware of reports that some students bound for two California schools were denied entry by Customs and Border Protection. “We regret the impact this may have had on certain students and their families. We are following this situation closely and have been in regular communication with the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the Government of India. Facts are still being collected,” the statement pointed out. India has strongly taken up with the US deportation of its 14 students from San Francisco even as two California-based universities claimed they were not blacklisted by American authorities, a reason cited to deny entry to the Indian students. External Affairs Ministry had also issued an advisory on Wednesday noting that there have been several instances of denial of entry by the US Immigration authorities to Indian students having valid student visas to pursue studies in two educational institutions, namely, Silicon Valley University at San Jose and Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont. The US Embassy statement clarified, “We remind the public that even travelers with a visa can be denied entry if the immigration officer finds reason to question the legitimacy of their travel documents or finds that the traveler cannot adequately answer questions about the purpose of his or her travel to the United States.”



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