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Newsline: Embassies say Brits rush to get EU passports after Brexit vote

Immediately after the Brexit referendum, thousands of British rushed to get European Union (EU) passports worrying that they might lose their access to the political-economic alliance. While there is still two years for UK and EU to agree on the terms of the split, a surge in citizenship and passport applications in embassies and consulate offices in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland and Hungary have already been reported. A spokesperson from the German embassy in London said that the office were receiving about 200 calls and emails a day after the referendum, which is equivalent to a tenfold increase on normal levels. At the Italian embassy in the U.K., about 500 people already inquired about citizenship applications, which are 50 times bigger than the usual number of calls they receive annually – they usually get 10 per year according to their spokesperson. CNNMoney reported that three weeks after the vote, the Swedish Migration Agency reported that the number of citizenship applications they receive from the U.K. rose from 20 per week to 120. Even before the referendum was handed down, levels of interest in Poland and Hungary have already raised. According to the Polish embassy, their office received almost 350 emails inquiring about citizenship. On the other hand, Hungary’s consulate in London got contacted by 150 people over the previous months following the Brexit vote.



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