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Newsline: Russia’s embassy in Brazil denies police report of vice consul’s killing Rio mugger

Russia’s embassy in Brazil denied a report by Rio police that their vice consul in the Olympic host city got in a fight with a mugger who was killed in the struggle. Rio de Janeiro’s homicide branch said the vice consul “reacted to an attempted assault”. “The vice consul got into a physical struggle with the assailant and during the fight the aggressor’s weapon fired shots. The assailant died of his wounds on the spot.” The Russian embassy in the capital Brasilia issued a statement saying that “no representative of the Russian consulate general in Rio de Janeiro was involved in an attempted assault ending with the death of the suspect.” The statement said all diplomatic employees were Russian citizens “with Russian names, which is not the case” in the reported assault. Brazilian news site Extra reported that the man identified as the vice consul was a native of Rio and an expert in jiu-jitsu, a popular martial art in Brazil that specializes in self-defense. He was in his car with his wife and daughter in a car when they were ambushed by men on two motorbikes while caught in a traffic jam, the report said. The second robber fled, according to the report. Traffic jams are a favored target for robbers on foot or on motorbikes in Rio, as well as buses which are regularly raided by armed men.



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