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Newsline: France’s embassy employee in Tunisia under fire for anti-Semitic comments

An employee of France’s embassy in Tunisia is under fire over anti-Semitic comments posted under his name on Facebook, including one about Adolf Hitler’s failure to “finish the job”, JTA reported. The employee, Selim Dakhlaoui, said however that hackers took over his account and posted the comments. Dakhlaoui, who works as a consulting agent for the embassy, was responding to an outcry following the publication on a French-language blog of copies of anti-Israel messages made under his name, as well as the sentence about Hitler, which has been decried as anti-Semitic. “Watch out, my account has been hijacked,” Dakhlaoui wrote. On Friday, the embassy called the statements attributed to Dakhlaoui “unacceptable,” adding he was summoned to talks with his superiors. The Foreign Ministry will decide how to handle the affair once it determines whether Dakhlaoui wrote the offensive remarks, the embassy’s statement said. In October, a comment that read, “Soon it will be the end of Israel” appeared under Dakhlaoui’s name, followed by an icon of a missile. A week later, the same account displayed the message: “Go to hell, Israel.” Earlier this year, it featured a comment reading “Hitler didn’t finish the job” in a discussion about Israel’s alleged involvement in Islamist terrorism, according to the JTA report. Earlier this week, according to the report, CRIF, the umbrella group of French Jewish communities, posted about Dakhlaoui on its Facebook page and urged the embassy to react.



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