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Newsline: Visitors of US embassy in Kyrgyzstan trapped in bunker

isitors of the U.S. embassy in Kyrgyzstan were trapped in a bunker for 4 hours because of the explosion in the Chinese Embassy. They said it to 24.kg news agency. According to them, when the explosion occurred, Kyrgyzstanis who came to apply for a US visa, as well as several employees of the embassy gathered in a group, and led to the lower floors of the building. “We were told that there was some sort of emergency, and while they won’t be sure that everything is safe, we won’t be able to go out,” Bishkek resident, who was in the bunker, said. According to her, there were about 30 people, and stayed there for almost 4 hours. “It was not very comfortable: a closed space, no ventilation. As we were explained, the electricity cut off for safety reasons. Although there was bathroom. After persistent requests they brought us water,” she said. All caught in the US embassy bunker left without telephone communication, since, according to internal order embassy, mobile phones among the visitors are seized at the entrance. Yesterday the American diplomatic mission spread the message to US citizens with a request “to stay in a safe place and not to go out.”



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