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Newsline: Kenyan employees of Angolan embassy mull legal action against ambassador over wages

Kenyan employees at the Angolan Embassy in Nairobi have threatened to take legal action against Ambassador Marques De Faria over unpaid salaries. The employees claim they have not been paid for the last five months and that the ambassador has refused to meet them and discuss the way forward. They alleged that the ambassador has been living a posh life in one of the most expensive hotels in the city, yet he has not paid the over 30 Kenyan employees and several others from his country. In a letter addressed to him on October 30, the employees pleaded with Mr De Faria to pay them since they had not paid fees for their children, rent, had no money for food and other necessities. In a verbal response to the human resources manager, the employees alleged, the ambassador asked whoever had a problem to go face the ambassador individually. “He told us to go meet him one by one, and to us, this means that he wants to start victimizing us. He knows that no one is courageous enough to face him,” one of the employees who visited Nation Centre to air their grievances said. They threatened to ‘seek external consult to intervene on the matter’ if the ambassador will not have addressed their issues by November 4. In a phone call response, the ambassador said the employees had trusted the media and should to seek redress from the journalists. “Who gave you my number? Why are you concerned about what is happening here, huh? You are not my employee,” he said. “The media knows better than me, no? Write whatever you want to write. I have no explanation to give you. You are not my employee,” he said and disconnected the call.



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