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Newsline: Iran summons British envoy over PM’s meddlesome remarks

Iran has summoned the British ambassador to Tehran over the recent meddlesome remarks made by UK Prime Minister Theresa May. “Following British Prime Minister Theresa May’s meddlesome remarks at the summit of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, Nicholas Hopton, the country’s ambassador to Tehran, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said. He added that the deputy director general for West Europe affairs at the Iranian Foreign Ministry expressed Tehran’s strong protest at the prime minister’s “thoughtless remarks.” Speaking at the annual summit of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council in the Bahraini capital of Manama on Wednesday, May said Britain would help the GCC states “push back” against what she claimed to be Iran’s “aggressive regional actions.” Qassemi said the Iranian Foreign Ministry official emphasized that May’s “irresponsible, provocative and divisive” comments at the GCC annual summit were “unacceptable and rejected.” The spokesperson said the Iranian official told the British diplomat that such measures are in contradiction with the expansion of relations and would harm Tehran-London ties.



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