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Newsline: U.S. Ambassador to E.U. Says It’s ‘Lunacy’ for Trump to Back European Populists

The outgoing U.S. Ambassador to the European Union (E.U.) has warned it would be “lunacy” for the administration of Donald Trump to take advice from nationalist and populist politicians in Europe who are encouraging the break-up of the E.U. Anthony L. Gardner, a former private equity chief appointed by President Barack Obama to represent U.S. interests in Europe, said that backing those who would destroy the European project would be deeply damaging to U.S. business interests. “To think that by supporting fragmentation of Europe we would be advancing our own interests is sheer folly,” he said. “It’s lunacy.” He expressed concern about the influence of politicians like Nigel Farage, who led the populist U.K. Independence Party in its campaign for Britain to leave the E.U. Farage was one of the first foreign politicians to meet Trump after his election victory, and the President-elect has in the past compared his own campaign to the Brexit movement. Farage has said he hopes Brexit will bring down the “failed project” of the E.U.



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