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Newsline: US prosecutors want immunity waived for pervert Sudanese diplomat

The Sudanese diplomat who evaded a sexual abuse charge because of diplomatic immunity should be prosecuted for grinding up against a woman in the subway, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said. Prosecutors want the U.S. State Department to seek a waiver of immunity for Mohammed Abdalla Ali so he can be charged for the alleged crime. Ultimately, it would be up to Sudan to waive Ali’s immunity. Prosecutors argue there is solid evidence that Ali, a married dad, was grinding up against a woman on the uptown train. Transit anti-crime cops saw Ali ogling other female prey before positioning himself behind a 38-year-old Brooklyn Heights woman and repeatedly grinding his pelvis against her inside the crowded train car. The cops followed Ali onto the train, where they saw him “repeatedly rub his groin against the buttocks of the woman, who turned around each time and stared at Mohammed,” the letter says. When Ali went to get off the train, Detective Cross noticed he had “a bulge in the front of his pants groin area,” it adds. He was arrested and charged with sexual abuse and forcible touching, but the charges were dropped after the 49-year-old presented his diplomatic identification.



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