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Newsline: Hundreds protest outside US embassy in Manila against Trump

Hundreds of Filipinos converged on the US embassy on Friday to denounce Mr Donald Trump ahead of his inauguration as president of the United States, accusing him of sexism, racism and xenophobia. Chanting “Dump Trump”, the protesters from leftist groups also expressed concerns that Mr Trump was a threat to the millions of Filipino immigrants living in the United States. The roughly 300 people who gathered near the US embassy in Manila held placards with the message “@realDonaldTrump hands off Filipino immigrants” and “Trump you’re trash”. They symbolically dumped photos of Mr Trump in the rubbish bin. Mr Trump defeated Mrs Hillary Clinton after a divisive campaign in which the real estate billionaire vowed to deport millions of illegal migrants and faced multiple accusations of sexual harassment. The Philippines, a former American colony, has strong cultural and economic ties with the United States. The two are bound by a mutual defence treaty and US forces have for many years helped the Philippines on various security issues. However, leftist groups have long railed against the United States for exporting its capitalist model and for what they see as continued American domination of the Philippines.



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