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Newsline: No Resignation Orders Received for Career Diplomats at US Embassy in Russia

The US Embassy in Russia has not yet received orders for the resignation of its career diplomats, including Ambassador John Tefft, embassy spokeswoman Maria Olson said Monday. Olson told RIA Novosti the resignations of the Obama administration’s political appointees took effect on January 20, the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. “For career Foreign Service officers, there has been no such directive. As noted on the Embassy’s webpage, Ambassador Tefft has been a career Foreign Service Officer for more than 40 years,” Olson said. Earlier this month, The New York times newspaper reported, citing US diplomats, that US President Donald Trump’s team demanded ambassadors appointed by former President Barack Obama to leave their posts by the day of Trump’s inauguration ceremony. Such procedure is not newly invented, as every incoming US president recalls ambassadors appointed by the previous administration. Nevertheless, the president usually allows some diplomats to remain in office for several months to solve some personal issues. This time the conditions are stricter and the demand may leave the United States without envoys in such key countries as Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom, since the appointment of the new ambassadors usually takes a long time. Moreover, this step would seriously affect personal lives of US diplomats, which reportedly were going to appeal to Trump’s state secretary nominee Rex Tillerson and other top officials to reconsider the decision.



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