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Archive for February 17, 2017

Newsline: US to station marines at de facto embassy in Taipei

The United States will station 10 to 15 marines at the country’s de facto embassy in Taiwan, a former US diplomat said on Friday (Feb 17), in a move set to incur China’s anger. In an interview on Taiwanese radio station Hit FM, William Stanton – the director from 2009 to 2012 of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), which acts as the US embassy on the island in the absence of official ties – confirmed the deployment. Another former AIT director, Stephen Young, had mentioned the plan at a seminar in Washington.



Newsline: North Korean embassy accuses Malaysia of hiding information about Kim Jong Nam’s death

The North Korean embassy accused Malaysia of trying to hide information over Kim Jong Nam’s death and threatened to ‘respond strongly.” The ambassador demanded that Malaysia release the body and findings of the post-mortem immediately. In a statement on Friday night, the embassy said a representative had met with the “high officer of the Malaysian Police” on Friday and had “strongly demanded him to release the body”, but the demand was rejected. “This strongly suggests that the Malaysian side is trying to conceal something which needs more time and deceive us and that they are colluding with the hostile forces towards us who are desperate to harm us of malice. “We will respond strongly to the moves of the hostile forces towards us with their intent to besmirch the image of our Republic, by politicising this incident and sue file [sic] this to the International Court,” the statement said.