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Newsline: Nigerians protests US police ‘violation’ of embassy

The Nigerian Embassy in Washington has protested to the U.S. Government over the violation of its premises by U.S. police following fracas between two local workers. The Acting Ambassador/Charge d’Affaires, Hakeem Balogun, told the News Agency of Nigeria that a “protest note” had been transmitted to the U.S. Department of State. Mr. Balogun condemned the violation of diplomatic protocol over altercation by two embassy drivers. “We have sent a protest note in respect of the entrance by the police into the embassy. It is against diplomatic protocols. “They are not supposed to enter the embassy. The protest letter is in respect of the entrance of the police into the embassy,” Mr. Balogun said. The Nigerian envoy also said that he “has since taken appropriate and timely, administrative and diplomatic steps to address the incident. “These measures include the immediate and indefinite suspension of the two local staff members involved in the fracas. Mr. Balogun dismissed the publication by a Nigerian newspaper alleging that “the United States police was called in to restore order in the Embassy as a result of ‘a physical fight’. The ambassador also described as baseless, claims that the fracas took place “in the full glare of dozens of guests and visa applicants”.



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