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Newsline: Trump feeling pressure for embassy move to Jerusalem

While the president reiterated his desire to broker a peace deal, his visit produced no announcement on steps toward renewing negotiations. “There were very substantive discussions in Israel with both Netanyahu as well as Abbas”, Tillerson told reporters aboard Air Force One. Meanwhile, Trump’s Middle East trip showed his intention to reset Obama administration’s Middle East policy by beefing up support to Saudi Arabia and Israel, regional nemesis of Iran. And in words that resonated well in Israel – which chronically accuses the West Bank Authority for inciting violence and compensating families of those involved in terror attacks – Trump made perhaps his sharpest point of the trip. Not once since becoming president, including and most glaringly during his joint press conferences with Netanyahu and Abbas during their White House visits, has Trump uttered any variant of the phrase “two-state solution”, leading to questions about his vision for what a deal would look like. Such a pact would also enable Israel to place its defensive capabilities at the disposal of states in the region with which it will be at peace. Hamas has said that Trump’s labeling it as a terrorist organization demonstrates the American president can not be a fair broker for peace.



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