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Archive for June 11, 2019

Newsline: China mobilises diplomats to drum up global support ahead of G20

China’s ambassador to Indonesia has joined the chorus of Beijing’s diplomats to G20 nations trying to drum up support against US unilateralism ahead of the group’s Osaka meeting at the end of this month. In an article published in the Bisnis Indonesia newspaper on June 10, ambassador Xiao Qian called on Southeast Asian countries to support the “global trade order”. “The US abuse of tariff measures, and use of maximum pressure, are inconsistent with the principles of market competition and basic business ethics,” Xiao said. (https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3013991/chinas-indonesia-diplomat-joins-calls-g20-support-against-us) Since the breakdown of trade talks and subsequent imposition of new tariffs in May, Beijing has launched harsh criticism of the United States via its ambassadors to G20 countries, including Britain and France, in a bid to avoid isolation by US allies in Osaka from June 28-29. Writing for London’s Evening Standard newspaper in May, Beijing’s envoy in London, Liu Xiaoming, implied that the US was the “real troublemaker” in the global economy for raising tariffs and instigating a trade war. “It is important that the international community stands firm and stands together at this darkest hour of protectionism so as to avert a looming ‘trade war’ and embrace the dawn of [the] world economy and trade,” Liu said. In Paris, ambassador Zhai Jun penned an article for Les Echos entitled “Protecting Multilateralism Requires Courage and Resolution”, chiding unnamed parties for “reversing history” through “unilateral bullying and maximum pressure”.