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Archive for September 3, 2019

Newsline: South Korean Embassy in Tokyo receives ‘bullet’ in threat mail

Tokyo police have launched an investigation after the South Korean Embassy received a threatening letter alongside what appeared to be a bullet late last month. Investigative sources say the embassy noticed the delivery of an envelope containing a single sheet of paper and an apparent bullet. The mail was addressed to the former South Korean Ambassador to Japan. The envelope did not bear the sender’s name. (https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20190903_23/) The paper inside said the sender possesses rifles and is plotting to target South Koreans. The person also wrote that South Koreans should leave Japan. In a separate case on Sunday, police arrested a 67-year-old man who punched and damaged the embassy’s mail box. The man was posting a letter of protest against the South Korean government.

Newsline: US Embassy employee loses $8,000 Rolex in Mexico City mugging

A 61-year-old employee of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City lost a gold Rolex watch valued at US $8,000 in a mugging at a store in Polanco on Sunday. According to witnesses, the woman was inside a store at 513 Horacio street when a young man pushed her to the ground, threatened her with a gun and removed her watch. (https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/embassy-employee-loses-8000-rolex/) The aggressor is described as being well-dressed and thin, 1.65 meters tall and appearing to be about 25 years of age, with brown skin, dark hair, a straight nose, oval face, with no facial hair or tattoos.