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Archive for September 10, 2019

Newsline: Ex-U.K. Ambassador Who Trump Called ‘Very Stupid Guy’ Named to House of Lords

Former British ambassador to the United States Kim Darroch was elevated to the House of Lords on Tuesday by former prime minister Theresa May. He was appointed to the unelected parliamentary chamber as part of a resignation honors list compiled by May. Darroch was at the center of a feud between the U.K. and the U.S. this summer after the Daily Mail published leaked wires in which the ambassador called the Trump administration as “uniquely dysfunctional” and said President Trump was “radiating insecurity.” (https://www.thedailybeast.com/kim-darroch-ex-uk-ambassador-who-trump-called-very-stupid-guy-named-to-house-of-lords-by-theresa-may) Trump called Darroch a “very stupid guy” in a series of tweets, and he later resigned from his position. Agence France-Presse reports that Darroch has been named a cross-party lord, with the right to speak and vote in the House of Lords for life. May created eight peers and 11 knights and dames on her way out of office.

Newsline: China’s Ambassador to South Africa Attacks Trump Over Trade

Lin Songtian, China’s ambassador to South Africa, took out a half-page advertisement in a key local newspaper to attack the stance of the U.S. and President Donald Trump on global trade. In a paid-for editorial in Business Day, South Africa’s biggest financial newspaper, Lin said bullying by the U.S. will drive the world into a “severe recession” and accused Trump of capriciousness. “The Chinese culture emphasizes that ‘gentlemen keep their words.’ Honoring the promises and commitments is the basic ethical code and requirement for state leaders and businessmen,” he said in the advert titled ‘Voice of China.’ His comments were also published in the Star newspaper. “The president of the U.S. runs his country according to his own will, dictates the world through Twitter and changes his position overnight,” Lin said. (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-10/china-s-s-africa-ambassador-says-u-s-follows-law-of-the-jungle) The column, part of a drive by Beijing to have its ambassadors speak out globally, reflects the deteriorating relationship between the world’s two biggest economies.