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Newsline: Kenya police arrest US diplomat for fleeing accident scene and brandishing gun

A US diplomat has been arrested in Nairobi for fleeing the scene of a road rage clash with another driver where local police claim he brandished a gun. The diplomat, who has not been named, was disarmed by police after the incident on Sunday, according to authorities in the Kenyan capital. While it’s not clear what prompted the row, Robinson Thuku, chief of police in Nairobi’s central business district, said it was ‘obvious’ it had been a traffic incident. The US embassy confirmed his arrest but denied local authorities’ accusation he drew his gun. Police fired their weapons three times to stop the diplomat, an Associated Press photographer at the scene said. The State Department has not released the US diplomat’s name but said it was working to assist him. There was no  answer from the US embassy in Nairobi.


Newsline: Kenyan court orders arrest of military attaché at South Sudan embassy in Nairobi

A High Court in Kenya has issued a warrant of arrest against a military attaché at South Sudan Embassy in Kenya after a case of mysterious disappearance of two South Sudanese opposition officials in Nairobi recently. The court had issued a warrant of arrest against a South Sudanese military attaché based in Kenya to appear in court to give an account of the disappearance of the two opposition officials. “So, based on the information obtained by the Kenyan authorities, the court decided to issue a warrant of arrest against a South Sudanese national who is a military attaché at the South Sudanese embassy in Nairobi here, he was linked to the kidnapping of Aggrey Idri and Dong Samuel,” he said. Pouk declined to identify the military attaché summoned by the Kenyan court.


Newsline: Househelp tells Kenyan court of naked people at Venezuela embassy before murder

The former househelp in the Venezuelan Embassy Tuesday told the High Court she could not remember whether the embassy was used as a drugs conduit, but had recollection of wild parties. Zipporah Ivulu denied, however, allegations that former First Secretary Dwight Sagaray instructed staff never to respect Olga Fonseca as their new boss. Sagaray and four others are charged with Fonseca’s murder. The envoy was found murdered at the embassy on July 2012. Ivulu, who worked at the embassy for eight years, said she could not remember if there was drugs business. But the former ambassador Geraldo De Silva used to host “wild parties” at which revelers at the residence were naked. The witness told Justice Roselyn Korir that embassy staff “had an issue with that (naked guests)”. “We complained and told them to respect our presence and dress appropriately at such parties,” she said. On Monday, advocate for the embassy Njeri Mucheru told the court Fonseca and Sagaray had a hostile relationship.


Newsline: Kenyan woman sues German Embassy over photo in tourism promotion

A Samburu woman is demanding compensation from the German Embassy over a photograph that was used to advertise Lake Turkana Festival. The 32-year-old woman, who filed a case in the High Court through her lawyer Ham Lagat, claims the picture was used without her consent. Worse still, she said her husband kicked her out of her home upon learning of the advertisement. Telaso Lepalat told the court the use of her photograph to advertise the event infringed on her private life and the right to make a choice as to whether she wanted her photo in the advert. She said the event dubbed Lake Turkana Festival and held in Loiyangalani, Marsabit County, was commercial in nature. The photograph is said to have been used in Habari Magazine, which is allegedly owned by the Embassy.


Newsline: Kenya to open embassy in Angola

The outgoing ambassador of the Republic of Kenya in Angola, Peter Gitau, announced in Luanda the opening soon of the facilities of the embassy of his country in the capital of Angola. With status of non-resident ambassador, Peter Gitau said so to the press after meeting the Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos at Luanda’s Presidential Palace, with whom he discussed aspects of diplomatic, political, economic and social interest under the relations of the existing cooperation between the two countries. “Henceforth, Kenya will have a resident ambassador in Angola and this also was one of the greatest steps achieved during my four-year term while in office.”


Newsline: Ethiopian and Namibian ambassadors accused of role in Venezuelan envoy murder trial in Kenya

A lawyer in the Venezuelan envoy murder trial accused the Ethiopian and Namibian ambassadors of playing a role in the arrest of his client. Lawyer Katwa Kigen, who is representing the former first secretary of the Venezuelan Embassy Dwight Sagaray, said ambassadors Luise Gurbert and Juana Carlos insisted on having Sagaray charged with the murder of Olga Fonseca. The proceedings also saw a gardener, who still works at the Venezuelan Embassy, testify against Sagaray and his four co-accused. Julius Anini told Justice Weldon Korir that he knew the Ethiopian and Namibian ambassadors and that they came to act for the embassy when he was arrested with Sagaray for investigations into Fonseca’s murder.


Newsline: Kenya reciprocates with visa rules for South Africa

South Africa’s decision to tighten its immigration rules has come back to haunt it. Kenya, a popular destination for South African tourists and businessmen, last week slapped strict visa requirements on visitors from South Africa, citing the “principle of reciprocity”. The new rules require South Africans to have a return air ticket and to pay a service charge of $70 each time they apply for a visa. Applicants are also now required to have a letter of invitation from Kenya, proof of funds available, and to appear in person for biometrics during a visa application. All these have to be done at the Kenyan embassy in South Africa. Previously South Africans visiting Kenya got their visas at the point of entry.