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Newsline: Algeria to reopen Libya embassy ‘soon’

Algeria has announced plans to reopen its embassy in Tripoli, foreign minister Abdelkader Messahel told Algerian parliamentarians this week. “Algeria will be in Tripoli soon,” he responded when asked in parliament on the embassy’s position in Libya. Algeria withdrew its envoys from Tripoli in 2014 along with other diplomatic missions but has since kept a close eye on the situation in neighbouring Libya. It has played an active mediating role in promoting agreement among Libyan players on the basis of the UN-backed Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) that was signed in Morocco in 2015 but has yet to be implemented. Messahel did not reveal a date as security clearance will be necessary before the capital is deemed safe. In January 2015, after the mission had been withdrawn, the embassy building was bombed allegedly by Islamists in which two diplomatic guards and a passer-by were injured.



Newsline: Netherlands to reopen embassy in Libya

The Dutch government is to reopen its Tripoli embassy. The news was broken to Presidency Council (PC) head Faiez Serraj and Government of National Accord (GNA) foreign minister Mohamed Siala at a dinner tonight in the Hague during their two-day visit to Holland. Their host, Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders, flanked by ambassador Eric Strating, is understood to have said that diplomats will move from Tunis back to Tripoli in September or October. The envoys were pulled out in July 2014 as security collapsed after the Libya Dawn takeover in the capital. Holland’s NPO Radio 1 broadcast this evening that Koenders had admitted that security in Tripoli still left much to be desired. But he said returning Dutch diplomats to Libya was an important first step.


Newsline: Libya’s ambassador to Spain dies

The Libyan ambassador to Spain, Mohammed Al-Faqih Saleh, died in the Spanish capital, Madrid, on Saturday. According to sources, the Libyan ambassador died of cancer after a long battle against the disease. Mohammed Al-Faqih Saleh started his job as Libya’s ambassador to Spain in 2012.


Newsline: Austria to reopen embassy in Libya

The Foreign Minister of the Libyan UN-proposed government, Moahmmed Sayala said that Austria is soon to reopen its embassy in Tripoli and resume flights to Libya. Sayala held Monday a joint presser with his Austrian counterpart, Sebastian Kurz, who described his meeting with Fayez Al-Sirraj – the Head of the Presidential Council – as fruitful and in line with establishing firm relations, speaking out his country’s support for stability in Libya on all levels. “We would also be glad to cooperate with Libya in fighting illegal immigration in coordination with the EU operations.” Kurz indicated. Sayala, on the other hand, said they discussed illegal immigration and monitoring of Libya’s southern borders as well as the efforts to persuade neighboring countries to secure their borders to disallow any more influxes of illegal migrants.


Newsline: Malta ‘continues to keep’ Tripoli embassy

The Maltese government reiterated its support to the Libyan people and pledged to continue to be engaged over the Libyan crisis. Malta has kept and continues to keep its embassy open in Tripoli demonstrating solidarity with all Libyans, said Foreign Affairs Minister George Vella. Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has also called for disarmament and, speaking in Arabic during the UN debate, he also said that the families and the children of Libya deserved a future. Malta, who is directly affected by the conflict in Libya, has appealed to the UN to help bring together the different factions round the table.


Newsline: Sudan not notified of the expulsion of its military attaché in Tripoli

Sudan’s foreign ministry on Sunday said it has not received a formal notification from the Libyan authorities or Libyan embassy in Khartoum demanding withdrawal of the military attaché at the Sudanese embassy in Tripoli. A statement by the Libyan government on Saturday night claimed that a Sudanese military transport plane bound for Tripoli airport that is currently under the control of an Islamist armed group entered its airspace. It noted that this action by Sudan violates Libya’s sovereignty and constitutes an interference in its affairs, adding that they formally informed the Sudanese military attaché that he is persona non grata. Sudan’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Youssef al-Kordofani, stressed in press statements that the plane mentioned in the media that landed at Kufra airport continued to conduct regular flights to provide the joint Sudanese-Libyan border control forces with supplies, food and ammunition. He added that Thursday flight was a regular one and has been carried out at the request of the joint forces in which the Libyan side is represented by Colonel Suleiman Hamid who gave landing permission in the presence of the national army commanders and tribal leaders in the area, pointing that the plane returned to Sudan after unloading its cargo. The spokesperson further said that Sudan maintained equal distance from Libyan rivals, recalling that Sudan expressed readiness to mediate among various Libyan factions and groups according to the decisions of the fourth ministerial meeting for the neighboring countries of Libya which was held in Cairo last month.


Newsline: Libya calls back ambassador from Turkey

Sources from the Turkish Foreign Ministry have confirmed the Libyan ambassador is on his way back to the North African country. However, it is not clear whether he was officially recalled.