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Newsline: Sudan summons Egypt ambassador over ‘insulting’ TV series

Sudan has summoned the Egyptian ambassador to Khartoum to complain about a TV series that portrays Egyptian rebel fighters living in the neighbouring country. The Sudanese foreign ministry said on Saturday that the Ramadan series, titled Abu Amr al-Masry, broadcasted by ON TV satellite channel, is “insulting to Egyptians living in Sudan and destroying the confidence and relations between the people of the two countries”. It urged Egypt to “stop attempts at disturbing the interests of the two countries”.



Newsline: Nigerian diplomat killed in Sudanese capital Khartoum

A Nigerian diplomat was found dead in his home in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Thursday, two security sources said. They said police were investigating the incident but provided no details on how he died. Officials from the Nigerian Embassy in Khartoum were not immediately available to comment. Dubai-based al-Arabiya television identified the diplomat as the consul general and described his death as an “assassination”. Reports on social media suggested the killers used a knife in the attack.


Newsline: Sudan’s ambassador to Egypt to return to Cairo after withdrawal

Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour announced that the Sudanese ambassador to Egypt, Abdel-Mahmoud Abdel-Halim, will return to Cairo to resume his duties. This comes a month after Sudan recalled the ambassador ‘for consultation’, which was said to be due to disputes over the ownership of the Halayeb Triangle border area, and over the use of the water from the River Nile that passes through both territories. Talks between the foreign ministers of both countries were held in Cairo two weeks ago, followed by a meeting with both chiefs of intelligence who discussed bilateral relations and how they can cooperate on a number of regional issues.


Newsline: Sudan foreign ministry refutes reports on ambassador statement ‘declaring war’ on Egypt

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced news reports circulating statements by Sudanese ambassador to Cairo, Abdel-Mahmoud Abdel-Halim, who said his country intends to declare war on Egypt. In a statement, the ministry accused the media, more specifically Russia Today, of altering Abdel-Halim’s statements and placing them out of context. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs completely refutes circulations that the Ambassador of Sudan to Cairo made these statements, and confirms that he never made such statements to any media institution,” the ministry’s spokesperson said. “The ministry would like to point out that the ambassador was on a social occasion and was only explaining why he was summoned back to Sudan for discussions,” he added. The statement also said that Sudan is keen on stable and peaceful relations with Egypt. News outlets had reported that Abdel-Halim made the statements to journalists on Friday, saying “we are in the beginning of our road to democracy that starts with summoning the ambassador back for discussions, but you can also retract the ambassador without returning him, and third, you can kick out the ambassador from said country, fourth is to cut diplomatic ties and fifth is to declare war.” Sudan had recalled its ambassador Abdel-Halim back to Khartoum early January ‘for consultation’ which was said to be due to disputes over the ownership of the Halayeb Triangle border area, and over the use of the water from the River Nile that passes through both territories.


Newsline: Sudan recalls Egyptian ambassador as relations sour

Sudan has recalled its ambassador from neighbouring Egypt for consultations, the foreign ministry said without giving details on why or how long he would stay. In response, Egypt’s foreign ministry said it is evaluating the situation in order to take “appropriate action”. Ties between Khartoum and Cairo have deteriorated over the past year after Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir accused Egyptian intelligence services of supporting opposition figures fighting his troops in the country’s conflict zones like Darfur. “Sudan has called its ambassador to Cairo, Abdelmahmoud Abdelhalim, to Khartoum for consultations,” the Sudanese foreign ministry said in a brief statement without offering details. Relations have soured over the use of the water from the River Nile that passes through their territories.


Newsline: Ambassador to Sudan is fourth Russian diplomat to die since January

Russian Ambassador to Sudan Migayas Shirinskiy died Wednesday in the capital Khartoum, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Shirinskiy, born in 1954, was appointed to the post in 2013. The diplomat died while swimming in the pool of his residence, according to state broadcaster Russia 24. Shirinskiy manifested symptoms of an acute heart attack, embassy staff told the state broadcaster. Embassy spokesman Sergei Konyashin said the staff called an ambulance but doctors were not able to save the ambassador. The Sudanese police have ruled out the possibility of an assassination attempt, Russia 24 reported, quoting local law enforcement agencies. Shirinskiy held diplomatic positions at Russia’s embassies in Yemen, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He also served as Russian ambassador to Rwanda prior to his most recent post. Though there is no evidence to suggest anything suspicious about Shirinskiy’s death, he is the latest in a long line of Russian emissaries to die in the past year. Since the start of 2017, four Russian diplomats have died. Nine have died since late 2016. In February, Vitaly Churkin, 64, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations died of an apparent heart attack, according to the Russian mission at the UN. Less than a month earlier, the Russian ambassador to India, 67-year-old Alexander Kadakin, died after a short illness. Two weeks before that, on January 9, a senior diplomat at the Russian embassy in Greece was found dead on the floor of his apartment. A Greek police report said he had died of natural causes.


Newsline: Sudanese police arrest suspect in murder of Spanish diplomat

Sudan’s police have announced the arrest of the alleged killer of a Spanish diplomat, who was found stabbed to death at his home in Khartoum last week dismissing any political or terrorist motives behind the incident. Emiliano Garcia, who headed the Spanish embassy’s visa section in Khartoum was found stabbed to death in his apartment in the affluent Garden City neighbourhood of the Sudanese capital on Monday morning. Sudan’s interior ministry said in a statement on Monday that the 61-year-old diplomat had worked in the country for three years, pointing that a special team from the criminal investigation unit was assigned to lead investigations. Khartoum police chief, Mohamed Ahmed Ali, said in a press conference that the alleged killer, who is a university student, visited the slain diplomat more than 20 times during the last six months. The police chief added that the suspect left the capital for Gazira state on the following day of the crime. He said that some of the slain diplomat’s belongings including 2 mobile phones and an iPad device were found in the possession of the perpetrator, underscoring the suspect immediately confessed to committing the crime. He further stressed there were no political, terrorist or organised motives behind the killing of the Spanish diplomat, adding it was an individual criminal act. In statements to the official news agency SUNA, Spanish ambassador to Khartoum, Juan González-Barba Pera, expressed deep satisfaction with the arrest of the killer and thanked the police.