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Newsline: Ambassador to Sudan is fourth Russian diplomat to die since January

Russian Ambassador to Sudan Migayas Shirinskiy died Wednesday in the capital Khartoum, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Shirinskiy, born in 1954, was appointed to the post in 2013. The diplomat died while swimming in the pool of his residence, according to state broadcaster Russia 24. Shirinskiy manifested symptoms of an acute heart attack, embassy staff told the state broadcaster. Embassy spokesman Sergei Konyashin said the staff called an ambulance but doctors were not able to save the ambassador. The Sudanese police have ruled out the possibility of an assassination attempt, Russia 24 reported, quoting local law enforcement agencies. Shirinskiy held diplomatic positions at Russia’s embassies in Yemen, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He also served as Russian ambassador to Rwanda prior to his most recent post. Though there is no evidence to suggest anything suspicious about Shirinskiy’s death, he is the latest in a long line of Russian emissaries to die in the past year. Since the start of 2017, four Russian diplomats have died. Nine have died since late 2016. In February, Vitaly Churkin, 64, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations died of an apparent heart attack, according to the Russian mission at the UN. Less than a month earlier, the Russian ambassador to India, 67-year-old Alexander Kadakin, died after a short illness. Two weeks before that, on January 9, a senior diplomat at the Russian embassy in Greece was found dead on the floor of his apartment. A Greek police report said he had died of natural causes.



Newsline: Sudanese police arrest suspect in murder of Spanish diplomat

Sudan’s police have announced the arrest of the alleged killer of a Spanish diplomat, who was found stabbed to death at his home in Khartoum last week dismissing any political or terrorist motives behind the incident. Emiliano Garcia, who headed the Spanish embassy’s visa section in Khartoum was found stabbed to death in his apartment in the affluent Garden City neighbourhood of the Sudanese capital on Monday morning. Sudan’s interior ministry said in a statement on Monday that the 61-year-old diplomat had worked in the country for three years, pointing that a special team from the criminal investigation unit was assigned to lead investigations. Khartoum police chief, Mohamed Ahmed Ali, said in a press conference that the alleged killer, who is a university student, visited the slain diplomat more than 20 times during the last six months. The police chief added that the suspect left the capital for Gazira state on the following day of the crime. He said that some of the slain diplomat’s belongings including 2 mobile phones and an iPad device were found in the possession of the perpetrator, underscoring the suspect immediately confessed to committing the crime. He further stressed there were no political, terrorist or organised motives behind the killing of the Spanish diplomat, adding it was an individual criminal act. In statements to the official news agency SUNA, Spanish ambassador to Khartoum, Juan González-Barba Pera, expressed deep satisfaction with the arrest of the killer and thanked the police.


Newsline: Spanish diplomat stabbed to death in Sudan

A Spanish diplomat has been found dead in his apartment in the affluent Garden City neighborhood of the Sudanese capital Khartoum. Sudan’s interior ministry said in a statement that the diplomat was apparently stabbed to death. “The 61-years old official headed the Spanish embassy’s visa section and had worked in the country for three years”, the statement said.A maid who worked at the apartment found the body and reported the death early on Monday morning. Sudan’s foreign ministry identified the diplomat as Emiliano Garcia in a separate statement. It described the diplomat’s death as a “regrettable incident” and underscored that the government is firmly committed to protecting all foreign diplomats in Sudan. The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation confirmed “with regret” the death of their diplomat adding that they remain in contact with the Sudanese Foreign Ministry, police and judicial authorities who are leading the investigation. Earlier this year Russia’s consul and his wife have been stabbed in Khartoum outside the embassy’s gates by a man from the Central African Republic (CAR). According to the Sudanese police, the attacker mistakenly thought that the couple belonged to one of the western countries that sent troops to CAR recently.


Newsline: Sudan not notified of the expulsion of its military attaché in Tripoli

Sudan’s foreign ministry on Sunday said it has not received a formal notification from the Libyan authorities or Libyan embassy in Khartoum demanding withdrawal of the military attaché at the Sudanese embassy in Tripoli. A statement by the Libyan government on Saturday night claimed that a Sudanese military transport plane bound for Tripoli airport that is currently under the control of an Islamist armed group entered its airspace. It noted that this action by Sudan violates Libya’s sovereignty and constitutes an interference in its affairs, adding that they formally informed the Sudanese military attaché that he is persona non grata. Sudan’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Youssef al-Kordofani, stressed in press statements that the plane mentioned in the media that landed at Kufra airport continued to conduct regular flights to provide the joint Sudanese-Libyan border control forces with supplies, food and ammunition. He added that Thursday flight was a regular one and has been carried out at the request of the joint forces in which the Libyan side is represented by Colonel Suleiman Hamid who gave landing permission in the presence of the national army commanders and tribal leaders in the area, pointing that the plane returned to Sudan after unloading its cargo. The spokesperson further said that Sudan maintained equal distance from Libyan rivals, recalling that Sudan expressed readiness to mediate among various Libyan factions and groups according to the decisions of the fourth ministerial meeting for the neighboring countries of Libya which was held in Cairo last month.


Newsline: Sudan shuts down Iranian cultural center, expels diplomat

Sudanese authorities ordered the closure of the Iranian Cultural Center in the capital Khartoum and other states, Sudan Tribune has learned. The Iranian cultural attaché and the staff at the center were also asked to leave the country within 72 hours. The government has not issued any official explanation for the abrupt move but the Foreign Ministry summoned the Iranian charge d’affaires and informed him of the decision. Some press reports have suggested that the Sudanese government’s decision was motivated by warnings made by religious circles as well as the media about the spread of Shiite ideology among Sudanese youngsters after the intensification of activities by the office of the Iranian cultural attaché in Khartoum.


Newsline: Sudanese in Libya demand embassy to evacuate them to Sudan

About 150 Sudanese gathered at the premises of their country’s embassy in Tripoli, demanding it to evacuate them to Sudan, regarding the renewed clashes between Libya’s warring parties and the deteriorated security situation. The reduced staff at the embassy, “without a high-level ambassador”, told the Sudanese people they were not able to evacuate them. “They told us they would contact the Libyan Red Crescent Society,” the spokesman said. Ten Sudanese were killed when a stray missile hit a house in Karimiya district in Tripoli, Libya, on Wednesday. It is the second incident in Tripoli with a stray missile causing Sudanese casualties in four days. 15,000 Sudanese people live in Karimiya and in the Sunday market area, considering these the two biggest areas with Sudanese inhabitants in Tripoli. The siege on their districts makes it very difficult to survive. The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Karti, stated earlier this month that the situation in Libya has reached the stage that Sudanese nationals must be evacuated.


Newsline: Sudanese Christian mom holed up in US embassy

The Sudanese mom who was freed after being sentenced to death for refusing to renounce Christianity remains holed up with her family in the U.S. embassy in Khartoum, unable to flee the war-torn nation and facing new charges instigated by her own relatives, sources told FoxNews.com. Meriam Ibrahim and her family are waiting for new travel documents to be issued by the U.S. after being detained last week for what Sudanese authorities alleged were forged South Sudan papers when she tried to leave the country, a source close to the family said. Making matters worse for the mother of two are a new set of charges raised by her own Muslim relatives. “There are new charges relating to her relationship to her father,” said the source. “Possibly to prove that she is Muslim, but nothing has been served so it’s unclear.” Muslim relatives intend to take her to court to prove that she belongs to their family, according to Ibrahim’s supporters. The new charges were filed in a Sudanese family court, with a trial date set for Thursday, according to her attorneys. Ibrahim’s case first came to the attention of Sudanese authorities back in August, after members of her father’s family complained that she was born a Muslim but married a Christian man. The relatives–including her brother– claimed her birth name was “Afdal” before she changed it to Meriam and produced a document that indicated she was given a Muslim name at birth. Her attorney has alleged the document was a fake.