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Newsline: Mozambican embassy driver suspended in Swaziland petrol theft scam

A driver at the Mozambican embassy, Boy Ngubeni has since been suspended from work due to his pending court case. Ngubeni was arrested with two others for allegedly defrauding a Galp Filling Station E31 456.16 using a petrol card belonging to the Mozambican Embassy. Ngubeni was the driver who allegedly gave a Mozambican Embassy petrol credit card to the other two who were working at the filling station at the time. The duo has also been suspended from the filling station. In fact, the driver had only been suspended recently and despite having been arrested several weeks ago, he still continued going to work. According to court papers, Ngubeni allegedly stole the fuel card to be used in filling petrol in other vehicles other than that of the embassy. The embassy authorities had no idea that one of the credit cards was fast depleting, which eventually amounted to thousands of Emalangeni.



Newsline: Embassy’s petty cash still not accounted for

Petty cash amounting to E434 699.89 which was withdrawn from the coffers of the Swaziland Embassy in Kuwait remains unaccounted for. The money was withdrawn as petty cash from the embassy for petty expenditure between the months of October and December 2009. The Auditor General’s (AG) financial report for year ended March 31, 2011 revealed that it was difficult to get this money accounted for because there were no cash slips or expenditure receipts that were made available for audit. There was no justification and those responsible were not specified. The AG’s office also discovered that an unsupported expenditure of E654 525.30 was incurred in respect of passage allowance for the ambassador’s trips. Phesheya Dlamini is currently the Swazi Ambassador to Kuwait. The trips he made were from Kuwait to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Swaziland via United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa and Belgium. They were made between June 2009 and March 2010 and the total cost was KD22 990 (E654 525.30). Meanwhile, the report stated that on the issue of the unaccounted petty cash withdrawals, the controlling officer’s response was that a report about it was submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.