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Newsline: Arab League warns Honduras that moving embassy to Jerusalem violates international law

Arab League chief Ahmed Abul-Gheit sent a letter to Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez on Friday, warning him that moving the Honduran embassy to Jerusalem would breach international law. Hernandez is expected to open a diplomatic office in Jerusalem on Sunday, according to a Wednesday statement from the Secretary of the Honduran Presidency, Ebal Diaz. (https://www.egyptindependent.com/arab-league-warns-honduras-that-moving-embassy-to-jerusalem-violates-international-law/) In the statement, Diaz explained that “The Honduran government decided to establish in Jerusalem a formal diplomatic mission office for political, cultural and trade cooperation, which is an extension of Honduras’ embassy in Tel Aviv, and recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.” Abul-Gheit condemned Honduras’ position in his letter, which opposes international law and the stable international consensus on Jerusalem as an occupied territory in 1967.

Newsline: Fire burns US Embassy entrance in Honduras amid privatization protests

The main entrance of the US Embassy in the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa was left charred on May 31 after demonstrators set fire to tires and objects in front of the building. The fire was extinguished by mid-afternoon, and a State Department spokesperson later said no embassy personnel were injured in the incident. (https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/31/americas/us-embassy-honduras-fire/index.html) The fire came amid days of protests by education and medical professionals, who are urging the government not to privatize their sectors. The US Embassy had previously instructed the families of US government employees to remain home during the protests.It was not immediately clear whether the embassy was the intended target of the demonstrators. A senior State Department official told CNN the incident did not appear to be serious and that staffers were seeking more information from the scene. The State Department spokesperson for Western Hemisphere Affairs later called the fire an “unacceptable” act of “violence,” and said the embassy was working “closely” with Honduran authorities.

Newsline: Honduran president not moving embassy to Jerusalem yet

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez on Mar. 24 called Jerusalem Israel’s capital, saying the Central American country would open a trade office there, but he stopped short of announcing plans to move his embassy from Tel Aviv. Hernandez has in recent months signaled that his government is mulling moving the Honduran embassy to Jerusalem, and made his comments on the holy city during his appearance at a conference on U.S.-Israeli relations in Washington. “Today I have announced the first step, which is to open a trade office in Jerusalem, the capital of the state of Israel, and this will be an extension of our embassy in Tel Aviv,” Hernandez said in a statement issued by his government. (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-honduras-israel/honduran-president-calls-jerusalem-israeli-capital-not-moving-embassy-yet-idUSKCN1R50R0) “I’ve said that a second step will draw a lot of attacks from the enemies of Israel and the United States, but we will continue along this path,” Hernandez added.

Newsline: Honduras mulling moving embassy to Jerusalem

A delegation of senior officials from Honduras was recently in Israel, reportedly to explore the possibility of moving the Honduran embassy to Jerusalem, after secret talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to a Hadashot TV news report Sunday, Honduras is demanding that Israel open an embassy in its capital, Tegucigalpa, and deepen bilateral trade in exchange for relocating its mission. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon confirmed the delegation’s visit, but said only that there was an “ongoing process of discussions that has yet to mature.” There was no immediate confirmation from Tegucigalpa.


Newsline: Honduras, Paraguay expected to join embassy move to Jerusalem

After Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales announced Sunday night his country will be transferring its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel is surmising that another one or two other countries will be joining US President Donald Trump in making the move. According to initial assessments, Guatemala’s eastern neighbor Hondorus will be one of the countries, while Paraguay is also expected to join the trickle of embassies flowing into Jerusalem. The two Central American countries, Honduras and Guatemala, were among the seven countries that voted with the US and Israel against a United Nations General Assembly resolution last Thursday which declared Trump’s declaration “null and void.” Paraguay abstained from the vote, despite having demonstrated in the past its particularly pro-Israel disposition.


Newsline: US embassy in Honduras working to free six American detainee

An associate of six US men detained for weeks in Honduras has said they were working on a project to aid local lobster divers, and denied that they violated weapons laws by failing to declare a gun. Stephen Mayne said Aqua Quest International has been working to win the release of the six, aided by the US embassy and others. Mayne’s brother is captain of the detained ship and head of the company based in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The State Department has confirmed the men’s 5 May detention, but calls to Honduran prosecutors have gone unanswered and Honduran navy officials declined to comment. Aqua Quest salvages material from shipwrecks, but says it was working on a project to provide alternate work for Honduran lobster collectors who can suffer permanent injuries from dives as deep as 150ft. The State department said that the US embassy in Tegucigalpa had been closely monitoring the case of the captain and crew of the Aqua Quest. It said US consular officials visited the crew on 19 May. A press release posted on Aqua Quest’s Facebook page said Captain Robert Mayne and five members of his crew were detained in Puerto Lempiras, Honduras. It said the team arrived there to work on a project to aid “the struggling peoples” in the municipality of Ahuas. The press release added the men were ordered detained for firearms violations “on the false claim that a weapon they were carrying was an AK-47”.


Newsline: Honduras to open embassy in Moscow

On Monday October 14 Honduras will open an embassy in Moscow according to a press statement by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich. The Foreign Minister of Honduras Mireya Aguero Trejo de Corrales will be present at the inauguration ceremony during an official visit to the Russian Federation that will take place from October the 12th to the 16th. This will be the first time that a Honduran foreign minister has ever visited Russia. The talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will focus on “prospects for stepping up cooperation, mainly in trade and economy, and strengthening the legal framework,” the spokesman said, adding “the officials will exchange opinions on key problems of the international and regional agenda and plan to sign a joint statement.”


Newsline: Colombia Says Honduras Uncooperative In Probe

Colombian police say a lack of cooperation from embassy personnel is frustrating the search for two suspected prostitutes who allegedly stole computers from the Honduran embassy during a Christmas party. Bogota police Col. Jose Elias Baquero tells The Associated Press that the assistant to the Honduran ambassador who allegedly granted the women entry has refused to cooperate. Baquero says the man, Jorge Mendoza, also told police the embassy has no intention of filing a police report on the theft of the two computers. The Dec. 20 incident cost Ambassador Carlos Rodriguez his job. He was fired after it was exposed Jan. 4 by the Honduran newspaper El Heraldo.


Newsline: Honduras fires ambassador in scandal over thefts at embassy party with possible prostitutes

Honduras’ Foreign Ministry says it has fired its ambassador to Colombia after officials said two computers were stolen from the Honduran embassy in Bogota during a party that involved at least two presumed prostitutes. The Foreign Ministry says that it demanded Ambassador Carlos Humberto Rodríguez Andino’s immediate resignation and he submitted it on Saturday. Colombian Police Col. Jose Elias Baquero said police are searching for what he describes as two “contracted women” who attended the Dec. 20 party. He said Honduran officials have confirmed that there was a party in which the portable computers were stolen, but that they prefer to handle the matter internally.


Newsline: Employee throws sex party in Honduran embassy in Bogota

The embassy of Honduras in Bogota has been robbed after an employee used the office to throw a party involving prostitutes and an abundance of alcohol. According to Honduran newspaper El Heraldo the embassy was robbed of computers and cell phones and invitees to the extra-official party defecated in the ambassador’s private office and on the military attache’s desk. The newspaper said the party and subsequent robbery put Honduran national security, joint efforts to fight crime, and the diplomatic mission in Bogota at risk. According to the newspaper, the December 20 party had been thrown by an assistant of the ambassador who, in contravention of the rules, was allowed to live in the embassy and was even given the keys to the building. The employee reportedly felt “lonely” and invited Colombian friends over, with whom the Honduran left the embassy, got “completely drunk” and returned with an unknown number of prostitutes. Instead of firing the embassy employee, Ambassador Carlos Humberto Rodriguez took the party organizer into his home while trying to stop the scandal from going public.