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Newsline: Panama Opens Embassy in Morocco

he headquarters of the Embassy of the Republic of Panama in Morocco was inaugurated in Rabat, in the presence of the Panamanian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mayra Arosemena and several Moroccan officials. The Panamanian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs welcomed, in a statement to the press, the opening of Panama’s embassy in Morocco, expressing her country’s readiness to promote bilateral cooperation with Morocco. She expressed optimism about further strengthening bilateral economic and trade relations, adding that Morocco is a gateway to Africa, while Panama is considered an entry point to South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. For her part, Bouaida said the inauguration of the Panamanian Embassy in Rabat is a landmark in Moroccan-Panamanian relations which is heralding a promising future in terms of political and economic exchanges.


Newsline: Venezuela expels Panamanian ambassador after severing ties

Venezuela asked the Panamanian ambassador to leave the country within 48 hours Thursday after it severed ties with Panama for attempting to interfere in Venezuela’s internal affairs. Ambassador Pedro Pereira and the three embassy staff members were declared “personae non gratae” and given 48 hours to leave Venezuela, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that Venezuela was breaking off diplomatic ties with Panama after Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli called an urgent meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) over the political turmoil in Venezuela. Two people were killed in a Caracas neighborhood Thursday, bringing the death toll to at least 20 in the month-long anti-government protests. It was the second time that foreign diplomats were expelled from the country since street protests erupted on Feb. 12. Last month, Venezuela expelled three U.S. diplomats accused of conspiring with the opposition. Washington denied the charge and expelled three Venezuelan diplomats in retaliation.


Newsline: Venezuela breaks diplomatic relations with Panama over protest talks

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said Wednesday his government was breaking diplomatic relations with Panama after the country called a meeting of North and Latin American nations over protests in Caracas. Writing on Twitter, Panama President Ricardo Martinelli said that the move was “surprising,” adding: “Panama only longs for our sister country to find peace and strengthen its democracy.” Earlier, during a ceremony marking the anniversary of Hugo Chávez’s death, Maduro said he had also decided to freeze all trade and economic ties with the Central American nation. Maduro directed his anger against Panama after it requested a private meeting of the Washington-based Organization of American States to be held on Thursday to seek solutions to resolve tensions in Venezuela.


Newsline: Panama recalls ambassador to Ecuador

Panama has recalled its ambassador to Ecuador Noriel Acosta over that country’s delay in releasing the Panamanian vessel Doria, which was detained in the South American country in October. Panama complained about the delay in the return of the vessel, which was seized in international waters. The Panama’s officials stated that Ecuador had pledged to release of the ship, but it has not yet been done. The boat was intercepted in international waters on October 13 by the Ecuador navy, which found 799 kilos of drugs on board. It arrested the five crew members on board as well.


Newsline: Russian diplomat injured by assailant in Panama

The Russian Vice-Consul in Panama, Yevgeny Manilov, has been attacked and injured by an unidentified assailant near the Russian Embassy in Panama City, local media reported. The diplomat was accompanied by two other people in the parking lot of the building of the International Business Center Ave Manuel Espinoza Batista on Friday morning when a young man stabbed him with a knife, local publication Critica said. The attacker was arrested by police with the help of the building security detail. According to Critica, the Russian diplomat was transported to the National Hospital. Mexican news agency Notimex later reported that the Russian vice-consul was in stable condition while awaiting surgery.


Newsline: Japan appoints new ambassadors to Netherlands, Sweden, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Zambia, Panama, South Sudan

The Japanese government on Friday appointed new ambassadors to the Netherlands, Sweden and 5 other nations, all effective the same day. Masaru Tsuji, 62, who previously served as ambassador to Croatia from January 2012, was appointed as ambassador to the Netherlands, while Seiji Morimoto, 62, was appointed as ambassador to Sweden. The other appointments are Akio Egawa, 62, as ambassador to Slovakia; Tsuguo Takahashi, 62, as ambassador to Azerbaijan; Kiyoshi Koinuma, 58, as ambassador to Zambia; Hiroaki Isobe, 58, as ambassador to Panama; Takeshi Akamatsu, 50, as ambassador to South Sudan.


Newsline: Colombian ambassador to Panama named in corruption scandal

The name of Colombia’s ambassador to Panama has surfaced in a major corruption scandal in public contracts during the tenure of Mayor Samuel Moreno in Bogota (2008-2011). Testimony before the courts has splashed over Colombian politicians, ambassadors, companies and officials, following the testimony of two key witnesses on Friday May 7 reports the EFE news agency. Twenty four councilors in the capital, not previously been mentioned are involved according to the witnesses. One of them is the Liberal Party ex-councilor current Colombian ambassador in Panama, Angela Benedetti, who allegedly received checks worth 100 million pesos ($52,414) in relation to an endowment contract for a Bogota hospital. Also accused is Andrés González, former governor of the department of Cundinamarca, who now represents Colombia in the Organization of American States (OAS), who managed contracts exceeding 100 billion pesos ($52.41 million dollars) for build, schools and markets.