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Newsline: Malaysia’s ambassador to Chile robbed in Santiago

Robbers entered the home of Malaysia’s ambassador to Chile, Mohamad Rameez Yahaya, on Sunday, getting away with money, jewellery and other valuables said to be worth about 39 million Chilean pesos (about RM250,000). The robbery which took place in Las Condes, an upmarket suburb in the Chilean capital of Santiago, saw Rameez, his wife and their five children tied up by five robbers, according to news portal SoyChile. Meanwhile, another Chilean news portal, Biobiochile.cl, reported the robbers had been violent and also threatened the ambassador and his family. “They hit me in the head and also tied our hands. One of them also threatened to harm my wife, and cut off her ear. “After the robbers had taken all the jewellery belonging to my wife and children, they then asked for all the cash we had at home. “They even threatened to kill my children if I refused to give them money,” Rameez was quoted as saying by Biobiochile. Rameez told Chilean media that while the family were still traumautised by the incident, they were all just relieved to have escaped unharmed.



Newsline: Hungary Reopens Embassy In Santiago De Chile

Foreign Minister János Martonyi paid an official visit to Chile between January 5 and 7 and reopened the Hungarian embassy in Santiago de Chile. Martonyi also held talks with Chilean counterpart Alfredo Moreno Charme and expressed thanks for keeping the Chilean embassy in Budapest open despite the closing of the Hungarian one in Chile in 2009, a statement by the ministry said. Martonyi told Moreno that Hungary was paying increased attention to the Latin American region as part of its global opening and plans to strengthen cooperation with countries of the region in the areas of the economy, science and education.


Newsline: Chile’s ambassador to repatriate Peruvian killed in Kenyan attack

After a terrorist attack in Nairobi, Chilean Embassy mediates between Peru and Kenya to repatriate remains of slain Peruvian doctor. The Chilean embassy in Kenya has stepped in to help an Andean neighbor in the wake of the devastating terror attack in the East African nation. As Peru does not have diplomatic representation with Kenya, the Chilean government offered to take charge of the repatriation of the body of Juan Ortíz, a Peruvian doctor who died in the terrorist attack in the Westgate Mall which killed 67 and injured 175 this weekend. Ambassador Konrad Paulsen said Tuesday that helping this Peruvian family is Chile’s duty. Peru’s Foreign Ministry said in a press release that it valued “the generous offer of the Chilean Embassy in Nairobi” to be Peru’s intermediary in Kenya.


Newsline: Wife of Israeli ambassador to Chile allegedly padded expenses

The wife of Israel’s ambassador to Chile has confirmed to the Foreign Ministry’s internal auditor suspicions that they submitted expense accounts that were padded by thousands of dollars. The ambassador, David Dadon, says he was not aware of the matter. A source in the Foreign Ministry said local employees of Israel’s embassy in Chile reported suspicions regarding reimbursements to Dadon and his wife. According to the information, the expense accounts that were submitted did not match the embassy’s actual spending on events held at the embassy. After the alleged misconduct was reported, the Foreign Ministry’s internal auditor, Jacob Keidar, dispatched a representative to Santiago to examine the embassy’s books. According to a source at the Foreign Ministry, evidence was allegedly found of expense-account fraud in the amount of $5,000. When questioned, local employees at the embassy implicated Dadon and his wife in the alleged misconduct. The ambassador’s wife initially claimed some of the local employees were trying to frame her. But when she and the ambassador were confronted with the allegedly incriminating evidence, she confirmed some of the claims. The ambassador said he was not aware of the suspected actions. Keidar’s representative did not make do with the admission of the actions by the ambassador’s wife and the return of the money, but also insisted that the ambassador’s wife admit her actions to the embassy employees and apologize to those she had accused. She did so, and then, also in the presence of the staff, Dadon criticized his wife’s alleged actions and said he knew nothing about them. Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Primor said: “Examinations revealed irregularities involving reimbursement of expenses and for reasons of confidentiality we will not disclose the identity of the people. The case is being dealt with by the Foreign Ministry according to the appropriate procedures.”


Newsline: U.S. Embassy in Chile apologises for rude tweet

The U.S. embassy in Chile has apologised for an earlier tweet indicating it was bored or irritated by former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet’s bid to run in the November presidential polls. “Our apologies for the last tweet. An unauthorised user sent the message from this account,” the embassy said via its official Twitter account. The offensive tweet was erased, but the apology was still there Thursday. The erased message read: “Bachelet, Bachelet, Bachelet … Is there no other news?” Bachelet, the first female to lead Chile from 2006 to 2010, was until recently head of the United Nations agency in charge of women’s affairs. She returned to Chile on Wednesday to seek a second term in the Nov 17 elections as candidate of the left-leaning opposition.


Newsline: Chilean Ambassador returns to Paraguay

Chile reinstated its ambassador to Paraguay, Christián Maquiera, in Asunción. Maquiera was recalled in June after member states of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) decided to withdraw their ambassadors in protest at the removal of President Fernando Lugo. The Chilean Foreign Ministry announced that Maquiera would return with “the special objective of obtaining first-hand information about the situation in Paraguay and the electoral process in the run-up to the elections of April 21, 2013” and has been instructed to “make contact with all social and political sectors of Paraguay.” President Franco welcomed the news. “It’s a very good sign for us,” he told IP Paraguay. “The more ambassadors that come, the better for the country.” Columbia also announced the return of its ambassador, Jorge Barrales, this weekend. Columbia and Chile are the first countries to resume diplomatic relations with Paraguay since Lugo’s ousting.


Newsline: Latin American states recall ambassadors from Paraguay

Paraguay faced increasing regional isolation on Monday after several of its neighbors said over the weekend they were pulling their ambassadors out of the country in the wake of the president’s impeachment, the CNN reports. Chile and Venezuela recalled their ambassadors Sunday, hours after Brazil and Uruguay — two of Paraguay’s most important neighbors — did the same. Argentina recalled its ambassador on Saturday. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez also said his country is halting all shipments to Paraguay. The moves follow the lightning-quick removal from office of the president, Fernando Lugo, on Friday. The impeachment procedures appear to have been carried out in accordance with the Paraguayan constitution, but some Latin American presidents called it a coup d’etat and refused to recognize the new president, Federico Franco