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Newsline: Pakistanis in Poland protest against embassy in Warsaw over alleged misconduct

Overseas Pakistanis protested outside the Pakistan Embassy in Warsaw, Poland against ‘unprofessional’ and ‘irresponsible’ conduct of the embassy staff. The protest initiated after a staff member, identified as Mian Azeem, misbehaved with an overseas Pakistani and his Polish national wife, who claim that Azeem threatened to physically assault them. The protesters also demand suspension of a counselor, identified as Shamima Saeed, and various other members of the embassy staff. Earlier, Shamima Saeed refused to accept visa documents of the Polish woman and her daughter. The documents, however, were accepted later but no details regarding the visa issuance has been shared, said the family.



Newsline: Pakistan embassy official missing with sensitive papers in Vienna

A Pakistan embassy official in Austria went missing along with some sensitive documents, as reported by a local English daily. The army official, who was originally from Sara-i-Kharboza, was appointed as a clerk at the Pakistani embassy in Austria around five months ago. He was given a sensitive assignment by the defence ministry. The official along with the sensitive information went missing on Jan 2, according to the FIR (first investigation report). According to the wife of the missing official, however, her husband left the embassy out of his free will and will “return after five years”. Nobody in Pakistan and Vienna knows about the missing official’s whereabouts, according to the FIR. However, it states that the wife, parents and brother of the man, despite allegedly being in contact with him, were not sharing any information about him with the police. The FIR further states that it is quite possible that the missing official had “become a tool in the hands of the enemy of the country,” it stated.


Newsline: Palestine reinstates ambassador to Pakistan

Palestine has reinstated its ambassador to Pakistan after he was recalled for attending a rally organised by the Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) to protest the US decision on Jerusalem, Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) chairman said on Sunday. PUC chairman Maulana Tahir Ashrafi told Geo News he had requested Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the country’s Chief Justice to reinstate Walid Abu Ali, in view of the ambassador’s services rendered to Pakistan. The Palestinian president has reinstated Ambassador Walid Abu Ali and he will return to Pakistan on Wednesday to resume his duty, Ashrafi said. Walid Abu Ali was recalled for violating diplomatic norms by attending a mass DPC rally held in the garrison city of Rawalpindi last week to protest the US decision of recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.



Newsline: Pakistan Summons US Diplomat After Trump’s Tweet Stirs Outrage

A tweet by President Trump has Pakistan responding angrily to accusations that it has accepted billions of dollars in aid from the United States while failing to act against terrorist networks within its borders. Mr. Trump, in a tweet on Monday, accused Pakistan of deceit and lies and said that Pakistan gives “safe haven to terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help.” “No more,” Mr. Trump warned. Later that day, Pakistan’s foreign affairs minister, Khawaja Muhammad Asif, dismissed Mr. Trump’s Twitter outburst as having “no importance.” David Hale, the American ambassador, was summoned late Monday to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad, the capital, and a diplomatic protest was lodged, Pakistani officials said.


Newsline: Palestine recalls ambassador to Pakistan

Palestine on Saturday recalled its ambassador to Pakistan who attended a pro-Palestinian rally alongside Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) Emir Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, a statement issued by its foreign ministry said. Palestinian Ambassador Walid Abu Ali on Friday shared the stage with the JuD chief at the Tuhaffaz-i-Baitul Muqaddas Conference in Rawalpindi’s Liaquat Bagh, organised by the Difa-i-Pakistan Council (DPC). Saeed, who was last month set free from a 300-day-long house arrest, has been repeatedly accused by the US and India of masterminding the 2008 attacks on the Indian financial capital Mumbai that killed 166 people.



Newsline: Pakistan Embassy in Norway left behind thousands of passports

After years of reported quarrels with its landlord, the Embassy of Pakistan in Norway has moved out of the stately old home it leased in Oslo’s fashionable Frogner district for the past 25 years. The embassy reportedly left behind thousands of passports, visa applications and other documents along with trash and alleged damage to the house, and is now accused of misusing its diplomatic immunity. Pakistan’s ambassador flatly denies the claims. Years of quarreling over rental rates and maintenance, however, ultimately landed in court, where the embassy was ordered to pay nearly NOK 300,000 in unpaid rental charges. Caught in the middle is Norway’s foreign ministry, which doesn’t want to get involved in the dispute between landlord and tenant. Ministry spokesperson Guri Solberg told Aftenposten that state- and diplomatic immunity “limits Norwegian authorities’ ability to enforce demands made of foreign diplomatic representation in Norway.” She said the ministry can only “have meetings with embassies and remind them of their duty to follow their own diplomatic obligations,” including Article 41 of the Vienna Convention that foreign embassies and diplomatics are obligated to follow local laws (including court verdicts) even though they enjoy immunity.



Newsline: North Korean embassy in Pakistan ‘hid £114000 stash of bootleg alcohol’

Burglars in Pakistan stumbled upon a secret stash of more than £114,000 worth of black market alcohol after breaking into a North Korean diplomat’s home in Islamabad, it has emerged. Neighbours told Reuters news agency that a group of men kicked down the door of Hyon Ki Yong’s house and spent spent three hours removing thousands of bottles of Scotch whiskey, beer and French wine. They also ran off with 200 cases of wine, 60 cartons of beer, dozens of bottles of tequila, two diamonds and $3,000 (£2,200) in cash. Investigators in Pakistan, who have since recovered much of the stash, said the three robbers were police officers and have issued arrest warrants for them and for a member of a well-known bootlegging family. They have also arrested Mr Hyon’s housekeeper.