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Newsline: Arizona man arrested for threatening violence at U.S. Embassy in Bangkok

A man has been arrested in Mesa, Arizona after he allegedly made a threatening call to U.S. Embassy officials in Bangkok, Thailand. Court records show that on October 8, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office arrested David Stephen Roberson near Gilbert Road and Main Street. He was arrested for allegedly making threatening calls to U.S. Embassy officials in Bangkok. (https://www.abc15.com/news/crime/mcso-mesa-man-arrested-for-threatening-violence-at-u-s-embassy-in-bangkok) Investigators say Roberson was upset because his wife, who is in Thailand, was denied a visa to travel to the U.S. Records show that Roberson made numerous calls to the embassy in Bangkok, saying, “If they don’t take care of this, the next mass shooting is going to be me.” He also allegedly threatened to blow up the embassy and threatened that “there was going to be a huge gun battle.”

Newsline: US Embassy helps citizen threatened with death penalty over ‘seastead’ off Phuket

The United States Embassy in Bangkok is providing assistance to its citizen who was accused of violating Thailand’s sovereignty by building a “seasteading” structure off the coast of Phuket. The US Embassy is aware of the reports that Thai authorities have charged US citizen Chad Elwartowski, said Robert Post, US Embassy Public Affairs Officer, on Apr. 19. “The Embassy is providing all appropriate assistance and understands Elwartowski has engaged an attorney,” Post told The Nation. (https://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30367972) Elwartowski and his Thai girlfriend, Suprenee Thepdet (aka Nadia Summergirl), launched their seastead project on February 2 off the coast of Phuket. The floating structure is located to the southeast of Koh Racha Yai, approximately 12 nautical miles from the mainland. The couple are facing charges of threatening the Kingdom’s independence after the Royal Thai Navy and Phuket Maritime personnel boarded the structure on Sunday and said that it violated criminal law and posed a navigational hazard.

Newsline: US embassy urges retirees in Thailand to consider affairs after death

The US Embassy in Bangkok has issued an advisory for Americans living in Thailand as retirees, calling for US nationals to give special consideration to what happens to their effects in event of death. The notice, titled “Why You Should Have a Will”, was issued by the embassy on Feb 15. “You are retired and content, living alongside tens of thousands of US citizens who call Thailand home. Have you given thought to the last piece of the puzzle: having your final wishes carried out?” asks the missive. “Every year, the US Embassy in Bangkok, and the US Consulate in Chiang Mai, assist hundreds of bereaved families whose US citizen relatives pass away in Thailand. We have seen the peace of mind that comes from them knowing what their loved ones wanted – and the hardship that comes from confusion and lack of preparation,” the notice explains (https://www.thephuketnews.com/us-embassy-urges-retiree-expats-to-consider-affairs-after-death-70398.php). Sometimes US citizens do not have close family members who can serve as legal next of kin. Your will should clearly designate who you wish to act on your behalf, so we can make sure your wishes are followed quickly. Thai and US probate processes are separate and are governed by the laws in each country; your will should address both.

Newsline: Embassy urges Omanis to wear masks in Bangkok

The Embassy of Oman in Thailand has asked its citizens travelling to the capital city Bangkok, to wear protective masks (https://menafn.com/1098100342/Embassy-urges-Omanis-to-wear-masks-in-Bangkok). In a tweet, the embassy stated that it is a precautionary measure to protect against air pollution and high particles of fine dust in Bangkok and its surroundings. The Omani embassy added that authorities in Thailand have though announced that the atmosphere has gradually improved in most areas, but it is advisable to take precautions for the elderly, children and patients with respiratory diseases. However, most people travelling from Oman are oblivious to the development and travel agents have not found any change in the booking pattern of tourists to Thailand.

Newsline: China’s embassy goes all out to help tourist after boats capsize in Thailand

China’s embassy in Thailand has vowed full efforts to help in search and rescue efforts after two vessels carrying Chinese tourists capsized off the Thai island of Phuket. The two boasts with 127 Chinese tourists were hit by massive waves in a rainstorm, said the embassy. Ambassador Lu Jian, who is now in China, has directed the embassy and Consulate-General in Songkhla to do their best. The embassy’s working group is coordinating search and rescue work with Thai authorities. The embassy also opened hotlines (0066-642351752 and 0066-820367651) and vowed to provide all necessary assistance to the Chinese tourists and their families. The embassy also urged Thailand to investigate the cause of the accident in a timely manner.


Newsline: UK’s Bangkok embassy sold by Foreign Office for £420m

The Foreign Office has sold its British embassy in Bangkok for £420m, the biggest property sale in its history. Money raised will be used to renovate other embassies around the world. British diplomats in Thailand’s capital city will move to a modern tower block in 2019, that has been leased for the next 15 years. The colonial-era embassy was built in 1922 when the British government bought the nine-acre site on the outskirts of Bangkok. The Wireless Road compound includes its own tropical garden in a busy part of the capital, but large parts of the embassy have fallen into disrepair.


Newsline: Thailand to ‘Upgrade’ Munich Consulate

Thailand’s diplomatic mission in Munich is slated for expansion, with a new Consulate-General to replace its honorary representative, a top foreign affairs official said. Under a plan approved by the Cabinet, the new Consulate-General’s office will cover the two German regions of Bayern and Baden-Württemberg. The change means Thailand will have a second Consulate-General in Germany in addition to one already in Frankfurt. Foreign Affairs is tasked tasked with furnishing personnel and funds to make it happen, while Germany was extended a reciprocal offer to expand its diplomatic presence in Thailand. However, Germany currently has no plans to open a new consulate in Thailand, deputy head of German mission Jan Scheer wrote in an email.