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Newsline: Serbian embassy to open in Armenia

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said at a press conference with his Armenian counterpart Edward Nalbandian that the republic was planning to open an embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Today reports. Nalbandian is on a visit to Belgrade at the invitation of Dacic.



Newsline: Ukraine refrains from severing diplomatic ties with Armenia

Ukraine would not sever diplomatic relations with Armenia no matter how Yerevan voted at a UN General Assembly meeting on the Crimean referendum, Embassy official Igor Roman told journalists in Yerevan. Among a dozen other nations Armenia voted against the resolution that reaffirms Ukraine’s territorial integrity and calls the referendum in Crimea illegal. A hundred nations voted in favor of this non-binding document, with another 58 abstaining. By its vote Armenia, in fact, backed its main political and military ally Russia. At the press conference in Yerevan Roman said that Ukraine’s ambassador to Armenia, Ivan Kukhta would return to Yerevan next week to continue his duties. Kukhta was recalled by Kiev “for consultations” over the reference to the right of peoples to self-determination in the context of the Crimean referendum reportedly made by President Serzh Sargsyan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a March 19 telephone conversation.


Newsline: Armenia to open embassy in Sweden

Armenia will open an Embassy in Kingdom of Sweden allocating about AMD 168 million for it. This issue is included in May 2 session agenda of the government. In accordance with the justification, opening of Armenian Embassy in Sweden will be an impetus for the development of Armenian-Swedish bilateral relations. Opening of Armenian Embassy in Stockholm may be conducive for opening a Swedish one in Armenia. There is a well-organized Armenian community in Sweden which is the largest in Scandinavian region.



Newsline: Armenia plans to open three new embassies

Armenia will open three new embassies – in Sweden, Mexico and Indonesia. Such a decision was approved by the government on Thursday. Earlier this month Armenia already opened a new embassy in the Vatican, with the son-in-law of the president appointed as its head. In sending the embassy the Armenian government, in particular, cited the need to promote closer ties with the spiritually and politically influential city-state. Armenia has no embassy in Central America and has only two embassies in South America – in Argentina and Brazil, which apparently necessitates opening an embassy in the largest of the region’s states, Mexico. Indonesia is the largest Moslem state in the world and has a great authority in the Islamic world, while Sweden has one of the world’s most competitive economies.



Newsline: Armenia considers opening embassy in the Vatican

Armenia is considering opening an embassy in the Vatican. The issue is reportedly on the agenda of the March 7 meeting of the Armenian government. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Armenia explains that deepening relations with the Vatican is crucial not only because of the spiritual but also political influence of this state. Armenia and the Vatican established diplomatic relations in May 1992.



Newsline: Azerbaijan’s Embassy Incites Brawl at French Parliament

An Azeri delegation disrupted a commemoration event marking the 25th anniversary of the Sumgait Massacres taking place inside the French Parliament when they refused to stand in observance of a moment of silence for the victims. According to Mourad Papazian, chairman of the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organization in France (CCAF), one of the Azeris punched an event organizer, Hratch Varjabedian, who had approached them to inquire about their show of disrespect. Eyewitnesses reported that one of the Azeris shouted that he would only stand to commemorate “the victims of Khojaly.” After Varjabedian was punched, a group of young Armenians rushed to the scene and a brawl ensued before audience members broke it up and police cordoned off the room. Surprisingly, Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to France, Elchin Amirbeyov immediately arrived at the scene accompanied by other embassy officials and issued a condemnation of the attack. The APA news agency reported on its Web site that Armenians locked the door of the auditorium and were accompanied by French members of the audience in “brutally” beating them. The event, entitled, “Sumgait events after 25 years: the present situation and future prospects for the people of Nagorno-Karabakh” was organized by French Parliament member Francois Roshebloun and was attended by several parliament members.



Newsline: German embassy expects response to Azerbaijan’s protest

German embassy in Baku expects the reaction of the German Foreign Ministry to the note of protest from Azerbaijan over the statement of German ambassador in Armenia. The statement came from sources in the German embassy in Azerbaijan. “As soon as the German Foreign Ministry voices official position, we will inform about it”, sources in the German diplomatic mission said. Earlier, the Azerbaijani embassy in Germany sent a request note to the German Foreign Ministry following the statement of German ambassador Reiner Morel in Yerevan, seen as detrimental to Azerbaijan.