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Newsline: Belarus hopes Indonesia will open embassy in Minsk

Belarus ambassador to Indonesia Vladimir Lopate-Zagorsky said that he hoped Indonesia would open an embassy in the Belarussian capital of Minsk in the near future, given that relations between the two countries had improved over the past few years. “We hope that Indonesia will establish an embassy in Minsk to promote bilateral relations. In the economic sector, Belarus and Indonesia complement each other, as we have goods that Indonesia needs and vice versa,” Zagorsky said as quoted by Antara. According to data from the Belarussian embassy in Kuningan, South Jakarta, trade between Indonesia and the former Soviet republic totaled U$219.2 million in 2011, a massive increase on the U$1.8 million recorded in 1995. Lopate-Zagorsky claimed that opening an embassy in Minsk would ease business partnerships between both countries, as well as promote Indonesia in Belarus. Indonesia currently conducts its affairs with Belarus via its embassy in Moscow, Russia.


Newsline: Criminal case opened against Ukraine’s ambassador to Belarus

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine brought suspicions against the country’s former defence minister. Journalists learnt it from Prosecutor General Vitaly Yarema. “We brought suspicions against former defence minister Yezhel some days ago,” Yarema said. The suspicions were presented in a criminal case over undermining the army’s defence capability, according to him. The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine launched an investigation in May 2014 into activities of the country’s former defence ministers in recent years. In particular, investigators assess the legality of decision of ministers and their actions during the processes of reorganisation or reduction of the Armed Forces. Mykhailo Yezhel was appointed ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus in April 2013 by former president Viktor Yanukovych. He was a minister of defence in 2010-2012.


Newsline: Belarus to establish embassy in Pakistan

The Belarusian side has announced opening the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to Pakistan on the September 1, 2014, as well as introduced the Pakistani side to the future extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Belarus to Pakistan. Both sides announced their interest in establishing mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of defence production. Both sides agreed to develop a plan of action for establishing military and technical cooperation between the two countries.


Newsline: Ukraine recalls its ambassador from Belarus

Ukraine has recalled its ambassador in Belarus, Mykhailo Yezhel, over Belarus’s stance on Crimea, Yevgen Perebiynis, director of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry information policy department, told a briefing. “Following a statement made by President Alexander Lukashenko, the Foreign Ministry (of Ukraine) has recalled the Ukrainian ambassador from Belarus for consultations and sent a note to the Belarusian side saying that the remarks of the Belarusian president were contradicting universally recognized norms of international law and the position of most countries of the world which condemned Russia’s actions,” Perebeinos stressed. Earlier, Lukashenko said that Belarus had recognized de facto that Crimea was part of Russia.


Newsline: Ecuador eyes embassy in Minsk within next three months

There are plans to open Ecuador’s embassy in Minsk within the next three months, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa Delgado told BelTA after the high-level talks in Minsk on 31 October. In his words, the embassy will include an office on trade and economic cooperation. Rafael Correa Delgado named the agreement on diplomatic missions one of the most important results of the talks with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. “Alexander Lukashenko told me that the Belarusian embassy in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito, will be opened next year,” Rafael Correa Delgado said.


Newsline: Iraqi Embassy in Belarus warns tourist and students against “scam companies”

Iraqi Embassy in the Republic of Belarus warned Iraqis against getting Visas to enter Belarus from tourism agents; stressing that visas can only be given by governmental Belarusian touristic companies. “The Iraqi Embassy in the Belarusian capital Minsk has recently noticed that numerous Iraqis, who wished to visit Belarus for tourism or healthcare, were the victims of fraudulent and uncertified touristic companies”, said Iraqi Ambassador in Belarus Haydar Mansur Hadi. “They faced numerous problems when they arrived to Minsk’s airport since the tourism companies did not abide by the rules and regulations in Belarus. Consequently they weren’t allowed into the country”, he added, stressing that “the Iraqi Embassy couldn’t facilitate their entry to Belarus”. Hadi also urged students who were victims to such scams to “contact the Embassy and file complains so their issue can be transferred to the Iraqi and Belarusian authorities. They should also give accurate information about tourism offices and middlemen who scam Iraqi students”.


Newsline: Swedish Embassy in Belarus Reopens a Year After Teddy Bear Airdrop

The Swedish Embassy in Belarus said that it was reopening more than a year after a Swedish company airdropped teddy bears with pro-democracy messages over the country, causing a diplomatic dispute. “The Swedish Embassy will be open to visitors again,” the diplomatic mission said in a statement on its website. It noted, though, that Swedish visa applications were “still being accepted at the Estonian Embassy in Minsk.” On July 4, 2012, a Swedish public relations company chartered a light aircraft to illegally enter Belarusian airspace and drop about 800 teddy bears with messages emphasizing the lack of human rights in the former Soviet republic. The stunt led to a dispute between Belarus and Sweden, resulting in the expulsion of Swedish diplomats from Minsk and Belarus’ withdrawal of its embassy staff from Stockholm. Only in spring this year did Belarus consent to allowing the Swedish charge d’affaires to come back to Minsk.