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Newsline: Denmark deploys troops to Israeli embassy

The Danish military deployed troops in Copenhagen on Friday to guard the city’s synagogue and the Israeli embassy, hours ahead of the Yom Kippur Jewish holiday. The deployment was the first by troops in the Danish capital since WWII. The synagogue and the Israeli embassy have been under police protection since two deadly attacks in 2015.


Newsline: Danish diplomat chases off burglar from her NYC apartment

A Danish diplomat took matters into her own hands when a burglar broke into her Manhattan apartment. The New York Police Department says Marie Wandel, 58, went to investigate a noise late Saturday and found the intruder in her home in the Morningside Heights section of Harlem. She snatched her camera and jewelry worth $1,000 back from the would-be thief before he scampered away empty-handed.


Newsline: Iran summons Denmark’s envoy over embassy attack

Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned Danish Ambassador to Tehran Danny Annan to voice the strong protest of the Islamic Republic on the country’s incapability to provide security and peace of Iranian embassy and its staff in Denmark. “Following the attack of four counter-revolutionary elements on Iran’s embassy in Copenhagen on Thursday, head of European Affairs Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Danish Ambassador to Tehran Danny Annan to voice Iran’s strong protest against the attack,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said. He urged Danish government to take responsible and serious measures to deal with the dissidents and to provide the Islamic Republic with the results of their proceedings. He pointed out that Danish ambassador expressed his regret over the attack on the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and said the incident is unacceptable. “Annan promised to reflect Iran’s protests to Copenhagen and to pursue the perpetrators and notify it of the results as soon as possible,” Ghasemi noted.


Newsline: Diplomats gone wild in Denmark

A dozen employees of foreign embassies have escaped legal trouble over the past two years by invoking diplomatic immunity, Metroxpress reported. The newspaper filed a freedom of information act and received police reports on a foreign diplomats that had been redacted by the Danish Foreign Ministry. Among the offences that foreign diplomats have gotten away with in Denmark are drunken driving, theft and public masturbation, according to the obtained documents. In one case, a 47-year-old male diplomat was caught exposing himself to women at a Copenhagen swimming pool just three months after he was found masturbating in a shower stall next to two naked women at the same pool. Another report detailed a diplomat getting into a physical altercation with police officers and then telling them to “go back to Jutland with all your pigs. Tomorrow you are both fired.” The countries of the diplomats were censored out of the police files, Metroxpress reported. In all of the incidents, Danish police were unable to pursue any charges. The diplomatic immunity doesn’t mean that the offenders got off scot-free, however. The masturbating man and four drunken drivers were recalled to their home countries after their incidents.


Newsline: Danish diplomat eludes demands for compensation in Uganda

Patrick Olany, an employee of Bayport financial services, was allegedly knocked down by a speeding Nissan Xtrail CD 3022U, belonging to the Royal Danish Embassy, along Acacia Avenue, opposite Finca Bank. Due to the injury, he lost his job. According to him, the state Attorney wrote to the ministry of foreign affairs inquiring about the driver of the car and it was revealed that Jacobsen Majbrit Holm, a diplomat from the Danish embassy, was the one driving it. The matter is currently being handled by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kampala. Ambassadors enjoy diplomatic immunity from arrests and prosecution. According to the Vienna convention on diplomatic relationships, an ambassador or diplomat can be sued or arrested if the sending country waives the immunity, in favor of public interest.


Newsline: Swaziland sells embassy houses in Kenya, Denmark

The Swazi government has sold its houses accommodating embassy staff in Kenya and Denmark and the proceeds have been deposited into government account held with the Central Bank of Swaziland, a cabinet minister said Friday. Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Mgwagwa Gamedze said proceeds would be used to purchase houses for diplomatic staff in other missions. Currently, there is no one occupying the Denmark and Kenya offices as government is still in the process of recruiting staff. Explaining to members of the parliamentary portfolio committee on foreign affairs, the minister said his ministry was in the process of interviewing about 260 applicants for the vacant positions.


Newsline: Combined Denmark, Norway and Sweden embassies inaugurated in Bangladesh

The embassies of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway were combined in July last year and are now known collectively as the Nordic Embassy in Dhaka, and was officially inaugurated on Tuesday. The embassy said that the joint premises would provide “a stronger and united presence”. The Nordic Embassy is a reflection of “the new phase of the deep ties” between the Nordic countries and Bangladesh. “It will mean a stronger, joint platform for further expansion of the long-standing partnerships between the Nordic countries and Bangladesh,” they said on Tuesday after the official opening. Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali was the chief guest at the event, while Danish employment minister Jørn Neergaard Larsen, Norwegian State Minister for Trade, Industry and Fisheries Dilek Ayhan, and the Ambassador at the Swedish Ministry of Justice Eva Åkerman-Börje were present as guests of honour. Ties between Bangladesh and the three Nordic countries go back to the early 1970s when Bangladesh became an independent country.